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The G3 cornerstone project provides our clients with the opportunity to work with a team of first-year MBA students on a real world consulting project on sustainability business practices. New clients are added every year. Funding is used to support the infusion of experts into the program, meals, field trips, and travel expenses. Sponsors are invited to attend the award winning program, meet experts, and participate in presentations where final recommendations are made to all client companies. For more information please, contact the G3 managing partners Linda Krzykowski and Paul Miesing

A Special Thank You

William Flaherty

"National Grid is proud to sponsor the G3: Going Green Globally program. Each year the MBA students from the UAlbany produced recommendations for their clients that impress us with their creativity, research, and professionalism. After hearing the teams’ presentations for several years, National Grid wanted to not only be a sponsor – we wanted to be a client and have a team of MBA students focus on some of our sustainability-related challenges. They delivered excellent results. We have signed on to again sponsor the program and be a client company."


Bill Flaherty
Regional Director
National Grid

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