Each team is assigned a Business Development Coach prior to the kickoff of G3. The coaches invited to participate in G3 span from across all different industries and are able to provide consultation as well as professional guidance to their teams. Teams meet with their coaches for an extended strategy session on the first day and continue relay their plans and solutions for the client throughout G3. The coaches are also invited to attend the final presentations. 

Cedric Carter






"In my opinion, the project provided an incredible opportunity for my team to not only to develop a better understanding of the renewable energy industry but to utilize all of their acquired knowledge in finance, marketing, economics, strategic planning to determine how a factual company can position itself for future growth and create greater market acceptability of its core green technologies."

Cedric Carter
Vice President
TD Bank North


"The G3 program provides experiential activities that expose students to real business challenges and situations. This is a key element of the program, as is the team aspect of the assigned projects. Students work together to design, develop and innovate effective cost-savings ideas and strategies for their client firm. As a result, students hone their analytical skills and professional abilities and the client receives an innovative perspective from a creative team."

Beth Coco
Entrepreneur in Residence
Office for Innovation Development & Commercialization
University at Albany

Anthony Brennan
Steve Lobel