M.S. in Accounting - 2-year Program

AACSB accredited, CPA-ready, tailored to non-Accounting majors

Complete your NYS CPA education requirement by attending the University at Albany School of Business two-year M.S. in Accounting program. The two-year program Masters in Accounting Program is designed for individuals with no prior educational background in accounting or business; resulting in a highly diverse student body ranging in educational and professional backgrounds from music to science and geographical origins as far reaching as Saudi Arabia and China and as close as Albany, NY.  Don’t hesitate to change your professional focus to Accounting, as the opportunities in the accounting profession and business world are unlimited for graduates of this program.

Choosing the University at Albany School of Business M.S. in Accounting Program to achieve your academic and professional success

  • In just twenty-one months, the Masters of Science in Accounting program prepares students without an undergraduate degree in Accounting to meet the 150-credit hour CPA education requirement, and more importantly it prepares you to become a highly skilled professional accountant in a wide variety of settings, including public accounting, government, industry and not-for-profit environments.
  • Graduates of this program are highly recruited by organizations in New York State, the United States, and around the world– whose professional and recruiting teams are often seen in the School of Business, speaking in the classroom, meeting with students informally, and conducting formal interviews.  Not only have our alumni achieved success in the accounting profession, many have gone on to become leaders in the community and in the world of business. 
  • The University at Albany School of Business maintains a dual accreditation in Business and Accounting through the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), placing the school among the top business programs in the world.  This distinction ensures that you will receive an education from qualified instructors, with a curriculum focused on contemporary accounting issues.

Setting Expectations – Curriculum and Coursework

The MS Accounting program is a four-semester, cohort-based, full-time program (part-time/evening option is also available), with admission during the Fall semester only.

During the first year of the program, you have the opportunity to take a series of business courses and introductory accounting courses to develop skills in analysis and general business functions--  important skill sets for any business professional. An in-depth study of accounting is the focus of the program in the second year, when students typically take courses in taxation, advanced financial accounting theory, advanced accounting systems and accounting research. 

Courses required to graduate from this program include:

Number Course Credits
ACC 512 Theory of Financial Accounting I 3
ACC 531 Introduction to Cost 3
ACC 513 Theory of Financial Accounting II 3
ACC 514 Theory of Financial Accounting III 3
ACC 540 Survey of Taxation 3
ACC 561 Auditing 3
ACC 581 Internal Controls and Financial Information Systems 3
ACC 611 Contemporary Developments in Accounting Thought 3
ACC 680 Research Seminar 3
1 Graduate Accounting Elective 3
  Total Graduate Accounting Credits 30
BUS 523 Presentation Skills 1
MGT 513 Organizational Behavior and Management 3
ITM 510 Advanced Excel with Visual Basic 1
ITM 513 Quantitative Analysis 3
LAW 500 Law and the Corporation 1
FIN 525 Financial Management 3
LAW 510 Law and Business 3
MKT 522 Marketing Management 3
FIN 515 Economic Analysis 3
ITM 514 Operations Management 3
FIN 635 Corporate Financial Problems 3
MGT 682 Strategic Management 3
  Total Program Credits 60

Let’s Get Acquainted – Ideal Candidates for the two year program

If you have a strong academic background,strong communication skills, an excellent academic background with little or no previous educational experience in accounting, and are highly motivated to begin or change your career to accounting and business, the University at Albany M.S. Accounting program is the ideal program for you.  We actively seek students with a wide range of backgrounds and career goals, so you are able to benefit from varying perspectives inside and outside the classroom. 

  • Admission to the M.S. Accounting two-year program requires the completion of an undergraduate degree (minimum of 120 credit hours earned), including 12 prerequisite credit hours total, as broken down in the following disciplines:
Computer Science 3 credits
Financial Accounting 3 credits
Economics 3 credits
Statistics 3 credits
  12 credits

To apply today, please visit the web site of the Graduate Admissions Office. There you will be able to apply on-line and will be provided with instructions and procedures for completing your online application.  We look forward to reviewing your application.

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