What is marketing? Think of marketing as guiding consumers to the products and services that will meet their needs. The best marketing happens when a customer has a relationship with a brand and is delighted with experiences connected to the brand. Companies benefit too, because such customers often share their favorable views about the product with other potential customers.

Where do marketers work? Almost all businesses and not-for-profit organizations need marketers on their staff.

  • We all recognize the big consumer brands that require marketing expertise: Apple, Disney, IBM, and many more.
  • Did you consider that museums, Broadway plays, and colleges need marketing expertise?
  • Even ideas – like those promoted by politicians and movement organizers – need marketing.
  • One-time events, like the London Olympics, need marketers on staff.
  • Sales is personalized marketing that may require the skills of a specialized consultant. These jobs involve educating prospective customers, helping them make the right purchase, and coordinating the contracting process. Business-to-business sales people are the stars of this field with their high incomes and substantial control over their time.
  • Advertising agencies are filled with marketing professionals who assist their clients with a wide variety of marketing strategies and with marketing implementation.
  • Event planners, marketing consultants, web page developers, and social media specialist further suggest the scope of marketing jobs.

There are many different ways to involve marketing in your work life, so there are more than a few pathways for studying marketing. All pathways include the sound fundamentals of marketing. The first course maps out the scope of marketing practice and identifies key ideas in marketing:

In addition to Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research, add three more courses for your six-course marketing concentration. It might be easiest to think in terms of first-job career tracks.

Track 1: Personal Selling and Sales Management

Why choose this track?

Track 2: Media Marketing

Why choose this track?

Track 3: Mainstream eCommerce

Why choose this track?

  • Every company needs an effective Internet presence.
  • Amazing digital marketing growth offers job opportunities.

Track 4: Internet Start-Up

Why choose this track?

  • Create your own online business!
MKT 310, 351, and 312 plus 2 courses recommended for track:
  • MKT 411 Marketing Strategy in a Globalized Environment
  • MKT 440 New Venture/Product Development

Track 5: Product/Brand Management & Marketing Management

Why choose this track?

  • Satisfaction of marketing planning and implementation.
  • High visibility in the organization.
  • Family-business track.
  • Good focus for individuals with VP Marketing aspirations.

How are these tracks aimed at getting you a first job? Taking a set of courses that fit together and make a strong case for your ability to handle a particular entry level job is a big first step in getting a job. Also, we try to help you become more competitive for jobs by offering semester projects in many of our courses. You can use these projects in your job hunt as evidence of your growing marketing skills. In addition, you will want to add a mix of internships and on campus activities to increase your attractiveness to employers.

Combined Concentrations That Include Marketing Courses

What if you want to take a mix of marketing courses and courses from another department? Some careers do draw on courses from different disciplines. Here are three possibilities.

Marketing & ITM Combined Concentration

Why choose this track?

  • Marketers increasingly rely on "big data" skills to determine if their digital marketing efforts are attaining their goals.
  • Marketing analytics provide insights to customer behavior.

Marketing & Finance Combined Concentration

Why choose this track?

  • Financial analysts and financial advisors need to recruit new customers.
  • Gives you a possible entry into financial jobs, but more specialized training will be necessary along the way

Marketing & Management Combined Concentration

Why choose this track?

  • You want a broad-based business education
  • You are interested in marketing as well as organizational behavior or human resources.
  • You are interested in sales management and want a human resource perspective.

Where will I end up after taking marketing courses? A lot depends on you, of course. But we can tell you there are many success stories to be told. One example is Damian Bazadona, who started a company called Situation Interactive shortly after graduation. He says: "A degree in marketing from UAlbany gave me the confidence I needed entering a competitive marketplace." Mr. Bazadona is one of our advisors who influenced our enhanced use of digital marketing concepts in all of our courses. "There's no question that technology will continue to impact practically every aspect of our life.  A focus in understanding how consumer behavior operates in a technology-driven world will be a must-have skill set for future graduating classes." We hope that a few years after graduation you will be one of our shining stars coming back to the University to speak in our classes and offering your ideas to the faculty on how to integrate new marketing developments into the curriculum.