Information Systems & Business Analytics

Businesses are increasing data-driven in all aspects of their operations and recognize the power of information systems to support business analytics initiatives. 

Faculty in the ISBA department have a strong foundation in business, data analytics and information systems and our courses reflect the data-intensive nature of information systems applications. We train our students to create systems that allow organizations to use data assets effectively and develop quantitative models using predictive analytics to solve critical business problems. Studying ISBA prepares students for a broad range of information systems careers in businesses, by providing a strong foundation in business intelligence and data mining to reflect the growing trend where business analytics needs drive the demand for information systems applications.

Students can choose to concentrate in ISBA as an undergraduate or as a full-time graduate MBA student, or choose an elective track in ISBA as an Evening MBA student. Students can also choose to combine ISBA with another business discipline. All ISBA courses foster strength in both technical and business applications and help to develop these crucial abilities:

  • Critical thinking
  • Business analytics
  • Real-world project experiences
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data mining
  • Business intelligence

Practica and Placements

You will have ample opportunity to apply ISBA concepts and principles taught in the classroom to real-world problems by working in teams on consulting projects in client organizations. The projects provide hands-on experience in the context of normal business deadlines, expectations and quality standards.

Our track record in focused education and career-building is based on more than 40 years of experience. ISBA faculty are dedicated to helping you find the right job through networking with companies and ISBA alumni. Program graduates are able to move into careers including marketing, manufacturing, finance or human resources management. Employers of ISBA graduates regularly report that UAlbany students "hit the ground running" and are quickly able to add value to the organization.  

How to Proceed

Check out our AACSB-accredited undergraduate and graduate management degree programs, get to know our faculty, and peruse courses using the links under “Learn More About.” Or, if you’re interested in applying, proceed to our Admissions instruction page, for guidance on the process and links to the University at Albany Admissions website.