As a student in University at Albany’s School of Business, you will study with pre-eminent faculty in financial management and gain comprehensive understanding of sound financial management.  All students – in our Bachelor of Science and our graduate degree programs, learn the fundamentals of finance, including valuation models, financial statement analysis, operating and financial leverage, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and working capital management.  But we also offer much more to students who wish to concentrate in finance.

Undergraduate business management students who choose a finance concentration, on its own or combined with another concentration, will also cover key courses, such as:

  • Corporate financial policy and strategy
  • Investment management
  • Money and capital markets
  • Investment valuation and analysis
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • The option for top students to pursue a Financial Analyst Honors Program

Evening MBA students can earn their degree concentrating on an elective track in finance, delving deeper into advanced topics in finance and financial markets, and conduct independent study and research in a financial topic of their choosing.

Never has the need for competent, ethical financial leadership been as great as it is in today’s interconnected economic world. University at Albany is proud of the leadership training we offer to tomorrow’s financial leaders.

How to Proceed

Check out our AACSB-accredited undergraduate and graduate management degree programs, get to know our faculty, and peruse courses using the links under “Learn More About.” Or, if you’re interested in applying, proceed to our Admissions instruction page, for guidance on the process and links to the University at Albany Admissions website.

Information on external scholarships for students interested in Finance can be found at