Benefits of Combined Undergraduate Concentrations

In today’s business world, you want to make yourself as marketable as possible. That’s why the University at Albany’s bachelor degree program in business administration offers the option of a dual concentration.

In a combined undergraduate business concentration at UAlbany, you earn nine credits in each of two areas, such as marketing and management, rather than 15-18 credits in a single concentration. The combined concentration broadens your perspective. The ability to look at  business strategy as a bigger picture and to have a broader knowledge base are  valuable skills, especially if you wish to be part of the corporate management team.

Expand Your Potential

To further your professional and personal goals, the undergraduate business program at UAlbany offers several dual academic concentrations:

Your academic advisor will work with you to help determine how to best choose the concentration approach for your career interests. For example, if you plan on a career in the mergers and acquisitions area of investment banking, a joint concentration in finance and management is an excellent fit. If you go into marketing, you may find it useful to have a dual concentration in ISBA so you can analyze and act upon the vast pools of market and buyer behavior data collected by today’s marketing information systems.

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