Michael Nash ’83 Senior Managing Director The Blackstone Group

Mike Nash’s career started with an accounting degree, bringing him to Deloitte, New York University, the Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Bank and Merrill Lynch. He landed at the Blackstone Group in 2007.

NashNash was hired by Deloitte straight out of school. He said, “The Big Eight was a good experience and a wonderful first job. You start with like-minded people. There is no better place for accounting than Deloitte. UAlbany provided that opportunity.”

While at Deloitte, Nash earned an MBA in finance from the Stern School of Business at NYU in 1989, having returned to school to figure out what he wanted to do after accounting. He found his passion in real-estate financing and began his real-estate career at the Bank of Nova Scotia, where he worked until 1991. He then moved to Barclays Bank, arriving during a recession, which provided an opportunity to develop his skills in Barclay’s real-estate workout group as a senior vice president. In 1997, Nash joined Merrill Lynch to work within their real-estate principal investment business and ultimately led that group during his 10 years with the firm. He said, “It was a great experience to work for Merrill as they had a wonderful real-estate platform and allowed me to advance my real-estate investment skills. The firm was fantastic and treated me very well during my time there.”

At Merrill Lynch, Nash had the opportunity to work with Blackstone, among many other clients, financing and partnering on many of their most notable deals during that time period. That direct relationship ultimately led to Nash joining Blackstone a few weeks prior to their initial public offering in June 2007. Of his role as Senior Managing Director of Blackstone’s Real Estate Debt Strategies Group, a business he co-founded with the firm, Nash said, “It has been a wonderful experience from day one. I have been supported by Blackstone at every turn and am a big believer in the firm’s culture and commitment to excellence. Helping to build this business with the firm from scratch has been the most challenging and rewarding thing I have done professionally.”

Throughout his career Nash has always tried to learn something new and has always strived to work for the top companies. He said, “It is important to work for the very best regardless of what you do.” His advice to graduates is, “Try new things, keep an open mind, find who you are and sample all that life has to offer.”

What Nash values above all else are his wife and son. As with his career, personal success started at the University at Albany. Nash said, “I met the love of my life late senior year.” Lori (Wohl) Nash ’83 was an English major. After a successful career in magazine publishing, she left to raise their son Zach. Zach, now 24, attended Lafayette College and has followed in his dad’s footsteps. He works in commercial real estate for Deutsche Bank.