Julie Forster ’12 ’13

Basketball and Business: Finance and Management. Currently completing graduate study in educational administration

Hometown: Huntington, New York

I chose UAlbany because… 
I dreamed of playing Division I basketball, and the business and education programs are strong.

Why business and education? 
I’d like to work in higher education – someone who handles the business side.

Favorite class or professor
Joe Sheehan was the professor who really impacted me early in my academic career. He also happens to be a big sports fan so I get to see him at a lot of our games.

Julie Forster

Forster Sports trivia
There are baby pictures of my dad holding me up to the rim.My family still has pick-up games including teenagers to 60 year olds.
My younger brother is a red shirted freshman on the UAlbany football team.

Editor's note: Julie Forster went to the Big Dance. The #14 ranked women’s basketball team played #3 ranked University of North Carolina in the NCAA tournament. It was a close one: final score 59-54. Early in her career, Forster was a walk-on who set the freshman rebounding record. The 2012-2013 season was historic for Forster and the women’s team. The team had a perfect 16-0 record in their conference. Forster is the first UAlbany woman to record 1,000 career points and 1,000 career rebounds.

What I’m proud of
I’m glad I've been able to balance being successful on the court and in the classroom. I’m just happy I was able to achieve goals in both of these areas without feeling like my heavy involvement in one was detrimental to the other. 

What does the future bring? 
I want to live and work in New York, and would love to work in finance.