Program Requirements

The course sequence below is required for completion of the B.S. Digital Forensics degree program. The courses are classified as foundational, core competency, concentration, and capstone.  Waivers or substitutions may be made based on consultation with advisement services and the program faculty especially as new courses are developed.

The program is flexible, with multiple courses (all of the 300-level courses and select courses at 100- and 200- levels) available in online distance-learning format. We have also mapped the courses in the program for each semester to make it easy for students to follow the program. Specialized course maps are available for students enrolled through UAlbany as well as for transfers from community college associates degree programs. We will have several electives to supplement the core courses that are a part of the required curriculum. Students may choose to take these courses depending on their focus and Interest.

Foundational Principle Courses in Digital Forensics               Credits
APSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
BACC 211 Financial Accounting   3
BFOR 100 Introduction to Information Systems   3
BITM 215 Information Technologies for Business   3
RCRJ 281 OR  
AMAT 108
Introduction to Statistics / Elementary Statistics   3    
RCRJ 202  Introduction to Law & Criminal Justice    4

Core Competency Courses in Digital Forensics Credits
BFOR 201 Introduction to Digital Forensics   3
BFOR 203 Networking & Cryptography   3
BFOR 204 Introduction to Cyber Security   3
BFOR 205 Introduction to Database Systems   3
BFOR 206 Programming for Analytics   3

Concentration Courses in Digital Forensics Credits
BFOR 301 Computer Forensics   3
BFOR 303 Computer and Memory Forensics   3
BFOR 304 Mobile Forensics   3
BFOR 305 Cyber Defense 3
BFOR 306 Database Security and Forensics 3
BFOR 400 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination   3
BFOR 403 Risk Analysis and Security Policies   
BFOR 413 Multimedia Forensics 3

Capstone Courses in Digital Forensics   Credits
BFOR 401W Advanced Digital Forensics   4
BFOR 402 eDiscovery Forensics and Moot Court   3
BFOR 412 Cyber Inc. Resp. & Pen Testing 3

Total Credits: 68 core credits (120 total)