Dr. David Smith Honored as Torch Night Professor

Graduating seniors are invited to nominate a faculty member who impacted their academic and personal success. This spring, Associate Professor David Smith was chosen as the 2015 Faculty/Student Engagement Award winner and Torch Night Professor. Andrew Ginsburg ’16, ’17, a dual major in accounting and business with a concentration in the Financial Analyst Honors Program recommended Dr. Smith.

Ginsburg said, “Professor Smith is a once-in-a-lifetime professor! He ensures that his students are ready for the work world ahead and puts forth so much effort and time into improving the quality of the program.”

Smith said, “It is immensely gratifying to be chosen as Torch Night Professor. I am thrilled that UAlbany students are taking the initiative to recognize their faculty. A number of my School of Business colleagues are equally deserving and contribute to a culture of student engagement that becomes stronger every year.”