Daphne Voormolen ’14

Field Hockey and a dual major: Public Health
and Business: Management/Finance

Hometown: Rotterdam, Netherlands

I chose UAlbany because…I always wanted to come to the U.S. to play sports.

Why a dual major? I want to work in the business side of the medical world. 

Best advice given to her
You are a good leader.  You should do something with that.

Voormolen Sports trivia
I started playing field hockey when I was nine years old after I did it in gym class once. At home it’s the second biggest sport after soccer.

What I’m proud of
Daphne VoormolenWe won the America East this year. I was MVP of the tournament. I’m proud of getting into the School of Business 

Editor’s note: Voormolen was named the America East Conference Offensive Player of the Year.and the School of Public Health, combining the two and getting it all done.

What does the future bring? 
Graduate school at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. It’s an international program that combines business and public health, ranked 11th in the world.