Alumni Facilitate Student Placement

Alumni contribute to the success of the current generation of School of Business graduates by paving the way to professional positions. They do this through a variety of activities, from critiquing and reviewing resumes, class presentations, mock interviews and mentoring, to outright hiring. Whether students are placed one at a time or en masse, it adds up to one thing: School of Business graduates getting jobs. This story covers only a small sample of alumni who work to place business and accounting students into professional positions.

Creating a Recruiting Model

Jeff Black ’76, Vice Chairman at Deloitte, frequently mentions that the University at Albany is the only school on his resume. Since his graduation over 30 years ago, Black has worked to ensure that UAlbany grads can follow in his footsteps. Assistant Dean John Levato said, “Jeff has shown tremendous loyalty to the university and is a tremendous advocate for the School of Business. He is committed to us. The people of Deloitte know that.”

Alumni with students

What people may not know is that in the 1980’s Black set the standard for recruiting at the School of Business. As manager and then partner at Arthur Andersen & Co, he created a recruiting program based on campus visibility. Andersen representatives hosted social events and lunched with accounting faculty. Black spoke to accounting classes and handpicked University at Albany graduates to return to campus to speak to current students. Today, it is standard practice for firms to maintain a consistent presence on campus; barely a week goes by without a visit from one of the Big Four accounting firms or one of the many other companies that recruit School of Business students.

Breaking New Ground and Fulfilling a Need

Alumni with studentTwo years ago, Compensation Advisory Partners recruited at the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, the University of Chicago, Boston College, Boston University and the University of Rochester. They had not considered any SUNY schools, nor had they looked to any small public institutions. Accounting grad Dan Laddin ’93, partner at the firm, changed that. He contacted John S. Levato hoping to recruit finance students. Since then, three undergrads have been hired by the firm.

Recent Grads Paving the Way

Associate Professor David Smith said, “Increasingly, we see students who benefit from alumni assistance, and the moment they graduate they turn back to UAlbany and help students coming after them.”

Alumni with studentsHere are some examples. Israel Moljo ’09 Equities Trader at UBS dedicated a day to run a trading simulation on campus, delivering one of the best and most interactive sessions students have witnessed. In addition, one of the students impressed him so much that Moljo recommended him for an internship. The student graduated this spring, taking a job at a UBS trading desk.

Daren Pon ’10, Fixed Income Division Associate at Morgan Stanley, reviews the resume book for the Financial Analyst Honors program. Dr. Smith said, “Each year’s book goes through many drafts and proofings before it is sent to alumni. When we send Daren our final version, he is still able to suggest great improvements. His sharp eye for detail and keen sense of the big picture has been invaluable to all of us.” Pon has also conducted mock interviews.

Last year, Nycole Kinns ’12, an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Information Systems, was hired by Collaborative Solutions as a result of the fortuitous meeting of Manish Patel ’92, Global Vice President Sales and Marketing, and Management Chair Rich Johnson at a conference of the International Association for Human Resource Information Management. As new hire, Kinns immediately worked with the School of Business to facilitate placement of the students who graduated the following year. As a result three more graduates were hired this spring.

Building Relationships

After the hire of four ultra-competent UAlbany graduates, everybody at Collaborative Solutions is a fan. Bob Maller, President and Chief Operating Officer, said, “The consulting familiarity, hands-on HRIS experience, human resource knowledge, and change management skills possessed by graduates of the UAlbany HRIS MBA Program make it one of the top schools from which Collaborative Solutions recruits.”

Alumni with studentsDr. Johnson has also worked with Mark Adams ’10, Project Manager at DayNine Consulting, to get the resumes of HRIS MBA students into the hands of human resources, resulting in three more hires after Adams. Johnson said, “Alumni keep coming back to us because our program is that good. They had a great experience in the program and helped them get a great start. They say that hiring our students helps their companies. They come to us because they need good people.”

Those who have earned their MBAs with concentrations in information technology are always ready to help. James McGaughan ’06, ’10, Manager, and Partner Shawn McGrath ’96, ’98, IAS Technology Principal, both of PricewaterhouseCoopers, visit campus two to three times each semester, speaking to IT classes and take the time to lunch with students. They also review resumes. Meteorologist-turned-MBA Charles Quadrini ’05, ’07, Senior Environment Analyst unfailingly notifies the School of Business regarding opportunities at MVP Healthcare.

Matt Brooks ’02, Managing Director for General Electric has regularly guest lectured at the school and worked with ITM students to prepare them for the workforce. According to Information Technology Chair Sanjay Goel, he’s not the only one. Alumni are always ready to assist in placement efforts. Dr. Goel said, “I regularly contact School of Business graduates with the names of qualified students. They are always willing to review resumes and consider our students for employment.”

Providing Expertise to Students and Administration

George Warnock ’79, Deloitte Deputy Managing Partner, Japanese Services Group-Americas, understands the importance of staying connected and sharing his expertise with his alma mater. He is a Board Member of the University at Albany Alumni Association, a member of Accounting Advisory Council and has served as a panelist at accounting orientation.

Warnock’s support of the university extends to students. He said, “Placement is a two way street. Deloitte needs University at Albany students as much as they need us. They graduate well-prepared for work at Deloitte and have the strong work ethic necessary to succeed.”

Michael Borys ’78, ’79, Vice President, Goldman Sachs, guides the university and the school. In 1997, he was a founding member of the School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board, on which he still serves; in 2002, he became a founding board member of UAlbany’s Center for Institutional Investment Management. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the University at Albany Foundation. In 2011 he was honored by the university with the Excellence in Alumni Service Award.

A strong supporter of the Financial Analyst Honors Program, Borys visited the UAlbany campus in December 2010 to judge a thesis presentation competition and offer valuable feedback to students. In the last four years, Borys has been instrumental in helping 11 UAlbany students obtain employment at Goldman Sachs. Fourteen others have received internships.

According to Dr. Smith, “Michael Borys has been a stellar contributor year after year. He solicits resumes for analyst internship positions every year, vets the resumes with other UAlbany graduates at the firm, conducts telephone pre-interviews, and only then, for the very best, does he recommend a handful of students to his colleagues. It’s a very careful, disciplined, and fair approach. Numerous UAlbany graduates at Goldman owe their start to Michael’s mentoring, and they hold him in extremely high regard throughout their careers.”