Alfred Liu

Assistant Professor

Alfred LiuDr. Alfred Liu joined our Department of Accounting and Law as an assistant professor in the fall of 2012, from his former position at the University of Connecticut.

Liu chose UAlbany for a variety of reasons: the diverse campus community, the compact setting of the campus, the collegiality of the accounting department, and the potential for interdisciplinary research. He said, “The school has everything I could look for in a work environment – a balanced teaching and research workload and wonderful colleagues.”

Originally considering a career in computer science, Dr. Liu chose accounting instead. He likes that the field of accounting deals with numbers and people, and feels fortunate to have found such a good fit. He said, “I’m lucky enough that I like what I’m doing. It makes me happy when a student understands something because of my help or when a paper gets accepted.”

The assistant professor teaches graduate and advanced undergraduate classes in financial accounting theory and a research seminar in accounting. Liu said, “Students are very active in class. There is good discussion.”

Dr. Liu enjoys his research work. He said, “The School of Business provides abundant resources to facilitate high impact research.” His research interests include the use of accounting information for risk assessment and management. One of Liu’s papers in this area was cited by the Securities and Exchange Commission in a 2012 report to Congress. The paper, “Informational Effects of Regulation FD: Evidence from Rating Agencies” written by Liu and two colleagues, was published in the Journal of Financial Economics. He is also interested in issues related to the economic consequences of financial regulations and managers’ decisions in financial reporting and disclosure.

Dr. Liu is married to Aileen Jiang. They currently live in Connecticut and have a son, Ian, who is 1 1/2 years old. The couple enjoys travel and country music.