Suraj Commuri

Position: Associate Professor
Office: (518) 956-8331
Email: scommuri (at)
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Academic Subfields:
Consumer Behavior/E-Marketing

Research Interests
Household Decision Behavior/ Consumer Generated Content

Applied Interests
Marketing Research/ E-Marketing/ Consumer Behavior

Marketing Management
Marketing Research
Buyer Behavior

Refereed Journal Publications

Kramer, Michael W., Vernon D. Miller, and Suraj Commuri (forthcoming), “Communication between Faculty and Institutional Review Boards,” Communication Education.
Commuri, Suraj, “The Impact of Counterfeiting on Genuine Item Consumers’  Brand Relationships,” Journal of Marketing, 73 (May), 86-98.
Bloch, Peter H., Suraj Commuri, and Todd J. Arnold (2009), “Exploring the Origins of Enduring Product Involvement,” Qualitative Market Research - An International Journal, 12 (January), 49-69.
Commuri, Suraj and Ahmet Ekici (2008), “An Enlargement of the Notion of Consumer Vulnerability,” Journal of Macromarketing, 28 (June), 183-186.
Commuri, Suraj and James W. Gentry (2005), “Resource Allocation in Households with Women Chief Wage Earners,” Journal of Consumer Research, 32 (September), 185-195. (Lead article)
Gentry, James, Suraj Commuri, and Sunkyu Jun (2003), “Review of Literature on Gender in the Family,” Academy of Marketing Science Review [Online] 2003 ( 1) Available:
Commuri, Suraj and James W. Gentry (2000), "Opportunities for Family Research  in Marketing," Academy of Marketing Science Review [Online], 00 (08) Available: Available:

Refereed Book Chapters

"Capturing Time: Stretching the Boundaries of Ethnography in the Practice of Marketing Research" with C. Otnes, J. Ruth, and T. Lowrey, in Handbook of Qualitative Research in Marketing, R. Belk (editor), Edward Elgar, 2007.
"Methodological Challenges in Theorizing the Work-Family Complex," in Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research, V. Bengtson et al. (editors), Sage, 2005.

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