Prof Harold Pazer Honored with Scholarship

A book scholarship has been created by the Pazer family to honor former professor and pioneer in information system quality Harold Pazer, and his wife Barbara.

Information Quality Legend

Everyone has a fond remembrance of information systems professor Harold Pazer. Professor Yasha Crnkovic studied Pazer’s textbook as a student in Belgrade, only to later have the opportunity to work with him at UAlbany. Associate Professor Shobha Chengalur-Smith called him the “godfather and statesman of the department,” as he encouraged everyone to get along, and remembered him as someone who stopped to smell the flowers, even during finals. Everyone talks about the Kentucky Derby parties at his house on the Mohawk River and the spectacular sunsets there.

Professor Pazer had a life-long commitment to management information systems. He was an academic who never completed his Ph.D., rebelliously choosing to stop short of the degree, even though he had finished the required work. It was this free-thinking mind that considered IT in a new light. He was a pioneer, working in information quality decades before big data. The field grew as a result of a seminal paper he wrote with School of Business colleague and friend Professor Emeritus Donald Ballou.

Professor Pazer earned his Bachelor’s degree in industrial management from Washington State University and held an M.B.A. with additional graduate work from the University of Washington. In the 1970s, he designed and implemented undergraduate and graduate information technology programs at the UAlbany School of Business, remaining at UAlbany for 30 years until his retirement in 1999. He was the award winning author of several textbooks and was well-published in professional journals including Management Science, Decision, and International Journal of Production Research. In 2007, MIT established an international award as a tribute to the work of Pazer and Ballou.

Honoring Pazer’s Legacy

To honor Harold and his wife Barbara, the Pazer family, Michelle Y. Pazer, Lewis R. Hodgins ‘79, Lisa M. Hodgins ’77, Linda S. Hodgins ‘81 and Brad K. Hodgins ‘84 have endowed the Harold and Barbara Pazer Endowed Fund for the School of Business. The fund will support the purchase of books for a student with demonstrated financial need.