Janet H. Marler

Position: Professor
Office: (518) 956-8334
Email: marler (at) albany.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Cornell University

Academic Subfields
HRIS, Strategic HR, Compensation

Applied Interests
HRIS, Compensation

Research Interests & Publications
Marler, Janet, and Boudreau, J W. (2017) “An Evidenced-based Review of HR Analytics” International Journal of Human Resource Management. Vol 28 (1): 3-26.

Marler, J and Fisher, S. (2017) Making HR Technology Decisions: A Strategic Perspective, Business Expert Press: New York.

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Epstein, Sue, Marler, Janet, and Taber, T. (2015) Manager’s Family Supportive Supervisory Behaviors: A Multilevel Perspective, Organization Management Journal, 12:1-13. *Awarded Best Research Paper in 2015*

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MGT 514 : Human Resource Management
MGT 601 : Computer Applications in Human Resource Management
MGT 610 : Laboratory in HR Information Systems