Jakov (Yasha) Crnkovic

Position: Clinical Professor
Office: (518) 956-8368
Email: yasha (at) albany.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., University at Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Academic Subfields
Business Information Systems, Operations Research, Decision Making, Statistics, System Simulation

Applied Interests
BIS Prototyping and Implementation, Project Management

Research & Publications
Prof. Crnkovic published 35 peer refereed journal articles, 13 Scholarly books or chapters in scholarly books, 35 textbooks or textbooks chapters, 49 Published proceedings from scholarly meetings, 26 Papers presented at academic or professional meetings and 13 applied projects.

Selected recent publications:

1. The Future of CRM is UX, Business Systems Research, Vol.4,No.1, 13 pages,  Zagreb, Croatia 2013
2. IMPLEMENTATION OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MARKETING: Comparative Study of Two European and One American Company, IJCM, Manchester, UK, Oct. 2011 (K1)
3. Managing The Implementation of the Hospital-Based Electronic Medical Records, JCEPP, Vol1, No. 1, pp. 1-26, April 2010 (K1)
4. A decision-support framework for exploring supply chain tradeoffs, IJPE, 2008 (K1)
5. Knowledge Management: Refining and Cross-validating the Knowledge Management  Index (KMI) using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Techniques, IJKM, 2007, Volume  3, Issue 2. (K1)
6. Software Support for the Classical, Contemporary and Future Project Management. SCI Journal, December 2006 (K1)
7. Exploring the Knowledge Management Index as a Performance Diagnostic Tool, SCI Journal, Vol 3, (2), 2006 (K1)

BITM 330 : Improving Business Performance with IT
BITM 513: Quantitative Analysis for Business
BITM 510: Advanced Excel and VBA
BITM 520: Database Management
BITM 675: International Business

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