Eliot H. Rich

Position: Associate Professor
Office: (518) 956-8359
Email: e.rich (at) albany.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., University at Albany, 2002

M.P.P., Harvard University, 1981

Academic Subfields
Software and Systems Design, Systems Thinking, Knowledge Management Research Interests & Publications:

Knowledge Management, Simulation, System Development


Deegan, M.; Stave, K.; MacDonald, R.; Andersen, D.; Ku, M.; Rich, E. (2014) “Simulation-
Based Learning Environments to Teach Complexity: The Missing Link in Teaching
Sustainable Public Management”
. Systems 2, 217-236. Abstract.

Labaka, L., Hernantes, J., Sarriegi, J. M., Rich, E. (2013) “Resilience Building Policies and
their Influence in Crisis Prevention, Absorption and Recovery”
Journal of Homeland Security
and Emergency Management 10:1, pp 1-29. Abstract.

Hernantes, J., Rich, E., Laugé, A., Labaka, L., Sarriegi, J. M. (2013) “Learning before the
storm: Modelling multiple stakeholder activities in support of crisis management, a practical
, Technological Forecasting and Social Change (80) 1742-1755. Abstract.

Andersen, D. L., Luna-Reyes, L., Diker, V., Black, L., Rich, E. and Andersen, D. F. (2012)
“The Disconfirmatory Interview as a Strategy for the Assessment of System Dynamics
System Dynamics Review 28(3) 255-275. Abstract.

Rich, E. and Nelson, M. “Understanding the Context of Large-Scale IT Failures” (2012)
International Journal of Information Technologies and the Systems Approach 5(2) 1-24. Abstract.

Tedeschi, L, Nicholson, C. and Rich, E., (2011) “Using System Dynamics modelling to
develop management tools for animal production with emphasis on small ruminants”
Ruminant Research 98:102-110. Abstract.

Rich, E., Gonzalez, J. J., Qian, Y., Sveen, F. O., Radianti, J. and Hillen, S. (2009) "Emergent Vulnerabilities in Integrated Operations: A Proactive Simulation Study of Economic Risk" International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection 2(3) 110-123. Abstract.

Schryen, G. and Rich, E. (2009), “Security in Large-Scale Internet Voting Systems:  An Exploratory Multiple Case Study of Internet Voting in Estonia, the Netherlands and Switzerland” IEEE Transactions on Information, Forensics and Security 4(4), forthcoming. Abstract.

Rich, E. (2008) , "E-ZPass and the Ohio Turnpike:  Adoption and Integration of Electronic Toll Collection", Journal of Cases in Information Technology, 10(1), 32-44. Abstract.

Rich, E., (2008) "Management Fads and Information Delays: An Exploratory Simulation Study", Journal of Business Research, 61(11), 1143-1151. Abstract.

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Johnsen, S. O, Hansen, C. W., Line, M. B., Nordby, Y., Rich, E., and Qian Y. (2007) "CHECKIT-A Program to Measure and Improve Information Security and Safety Culture", International Journal of Performability Engineering, 3(1), 175-186. Abstract.

Sveen, F. O., Rich, E., Jager, M., (2007) “Overcoming Organizational Challenges to Secure Knowledge Management”, Information Systems Frontiers 9(5), 481-492. Abstract.

Rich, E. and Gonzalez, J. J. (XXXX) "When New Information Technology Endangers Safety: Integrated Operations, Knowledge Management, and Emergent Vulnerability” under review

Schryen, G. and Rich, E.., (XXXX) "Armed for the spam battle: a joint technological and organizational infrastructure framework," under review

Sveen, F. O., Rich, E., Sarriegi, J., and Gonzalez, J. J. “Simulation-supported knowledge elicitation for multi-national crisis management preparation” under first review

Nelson, M. and Rich, E. “Brown Spots on the Banana:  Lessons Learned from Failed Large-scale IT Projects” under review.

Miesing, P., Krzykowski, L. and Rich, E. “Going Green Globally with Strategic Sustainable Systems” under review.

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ITM 601 : Concepts in Information Systems
ITM 611 : Analysis and Design of Information Systems