B.S. in Digital Forensics

The four-year undergraduate program in digital forensics has a forward-looking curriculum that will help you build the skills and experience to answer the who, what, where, when and why of cyber incidents including cyber attacks and cyber crimes.

Why Choose this Degree?

Digital forensics is a fast-growing billion-dollar market, with high long-term projected demand for trained professionals. What identity theft, insider trading, information security breaches, cyber attacks, industrial espionage, financial fraud, and terrorism all share is that they leave behind digital “fingerprints” in the form of electronic data (from computers, networks, the cloud, GPS systems, and smartphones). Similar to DNA forensic scientists in the physical world, digital forensic analysts understand how to follow these “fingerprints” to investigate incidents and track activities in the electronic domain.

It is no longer a question if someone will be a victim of cyber-enabled crime, but when. Digital forensics comes into play after something bad inevitably happens - helping to determine the - who, what, where, when and why. Cyber incidents are serious business with huge economic consequences and organizations rely on digital forensics to detect such incidents.

UAlbany’s four-year undergraduate program in Digital Forensics will help you build the skills and experience to answer these important questions. This B.S. in Digital Forensics is the first of its kind in New York State and is only one of a handful of such programs in the entire nation. This program is at a great value - public school prices for high-quality education.

Features of the Program

  • Part of the School of Business with long history of business partnerships and alumni relations for improved internship and employment opportunities
  • State-of-the-art security and forensics laboratories
  • Classes and study spaces in new $64M Business Building (ranked #4 most beautiful business school building in the world)
  • Partnerships with accounting, business consulting, and information technology firms and government agencies to offer hands-on experiential learning experiences to students
  • World-class faculty, including six new faculty dedicated to the program
  • Pipeline from community colleges to attract the best students
  • Small class size in our specialized digital forensics courses
  • Highly competitive program
  • Excellent in-house resources for academic and career advisement and mentoring

What You Will Learn in the Program

The curriculum is designed to assist you in developing a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge in digital forensics through a 'flipped-classroom' model where you learn by solving problems in the classroom.

The undergraduate Digital Forensics program is designed to:

  • Prepare you to consult in diverse areas such as fraud investigation, cyber incident response, and deep data analytics
  • Provide you with core technology skills of network, hardware, software, and law;
  • Enable you to collect data from a variety of electronic sources and analyze large data sets, numeric and text (big data);
  • Deliver business reporting, evidence, and testimony related to results of a digital forensics investigation;
  • Prepare you to pursue professional, scientific, or technical, careers in digital forensics-related fields; as well as pursue graduate education in the area of information security, digital forensics, or law.

What YOU can do with a B.S. in Digital Forensics

As a graduate with this degree, you will have many options. You can:

  • work in a large consulting firm in cyber incident analysis;
  • investigate criminal cases involving hacking, child pornography, financial fraud, identity theft, and terrorism;
  • audit for regulatory compliance;
  • perform data discovery to support civil litigation like industrial espionage
  • examine information security breaches;
  • work with the Securities and Exchange Commission on insider trading investigations; and
  • develop tools and techniques for the forensic analysis of digital and multimedia evidence.

Program Partners

The program harnesses the strengths of the School of Business, the School of Criminal Justice, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, and the College of Computing and Information. This interdisciplinary approach educates students in the protection, defense, and investigation of information and information systems in areas such as industry (e.g., accounting and business consulting firms and cyber security and digital forensics companies) state and federal government (e.g., state department, police, intelligence agencies), and not-for-profit environments.

The University at Albany is also partnering with accounting firms such as Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), and Accenture; digital technology company, and the New York State Division of State Police, by providing research, internships and support in the field of digital forensics.

The program is also building collaborations with two-year community colleges throughout New York, creating a pipeline for students completing associates degrees in digital forensics or related fields, to our undergraduate Digital Forensics program.

For more information, contact Program Director Sanjay Goel at: goel@albany.edu with “B.S. Digital Forensics” as the subject.