Cecilia McHugh Falbe

Position: Associate Professor
Email: c.falbe@albany.edu

Ph.D., Columbia University, 1980

Academic Subfields
Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, and Organization Theory
Applied Interests: Strategy Implementation, Management of Strategic Change, Continuous Quality Improvement, Surveys of Corporate Issues

Research & Publications
Corporate Strategy, Strategic Leadership, Management of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Franchising

An Examination of International Retail Franchising in Emerging Markets. (2006) Welsh, D.H.B., Alon, I and Falbe, C. M. Journal of Small Business Management 44 (1), 130–149.
Skill Sets for the eHR World, Gueutal, H., Marler, J and Falbe, C. M. (In press) The International Human Resource Management Association Journal
Technological Impacts on the Practice of Human Resources. (In Press) Gueutal, H and Falbe, C.M Learning Review

BMGT 513 : Organizational Behavior and Managerial Skills
BMGT 602 : Managing Productivity and Quality of Worklife
BMGT 680 : Concepts in Management
BMGT 795 : Independent Study