Evan Maltese ’90: Partner, Advisory Services-Risk, EY

Evan Maltese visiting the School of Business

Like many others before and after him, Evan Maltese chose accounting at the University at Albany because of the promise of a secure future. He said, “With a degree in accounting from UAlbany, as long as you went to class, applied yourself and got good grades the odds were with you that you would get a job. You have the UA stamp.”

Maltese started with EY upon graduation, just after the Arthur Young and Ernst & Whinney merger in 1989. He notes that it was a blending not only of two companies but of two organizational styles. He took the traditional path into the firm as an auditor.

After ten years with the firm, Maltese was asked to transfer from the assurance to the advisory service line to work in information technology. His response? “All I know about a computer is how to turn it on.” But the firm recognized that his skill set would be valuable to the IT group. Maltese said, “Non IT people didn’t understand the importance of IT and the auditing process. I worked with EY leadership to develop various internal policies, procedures, requirements and training which enabled us to ensure that we were meeting our external regulators ever evolving requirements and our client’s expectations.”

His leadership roles as EY Americas Advisory Financial Audit IT Integration Leader and a Northeast Region Risk Partner provide Maltese with the opportunity to make a positive contribution in many aspects of the firm. He said, “The experience has taught me how to be a leader and that what we do really matters in building a better working world.”

The almost 25 year EY veteran appreciates how his firm has helped him grow. He said, “My mentors and sponsors encouraged me to embrace the challenge of change.” Maltese does the same for others as he proactively guides and counsels all levels of EY professionals to position them for success.

Maltese is deeply involved in the life of the School of Business. In his role as EY’s Campus Coordinating Partner he has actively recruited UAlbany students to EY for years and he also serves on the School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board. His mantra is to “treat UAlbany like a client.” Maltese’s most recent campus project is the EY Trajectory course, which provides UAlbany sophomores with an interest in information technology the opportunity to experience work on a consulting project.

One of Maltese’s passions was playing baseball, but during his first semester at UAlbany, he mangled his hand in a bagel machine at his part-time job, dimming his hopes for playing on the UAlbany team. Maltese, as always, prevailed. He made the team as the only walk-on freshman. As a pitcher, he attained a 0.81 ERA in 1987, maintaining the number four spot in the record books for a time.

Participation on the baseball team inspired Maltese’s advice to the class of 2014, “Have more fun.” Maltese explained, “Some students don’t enjoy the college experience as much as they could. If you like playing a sport, play. If you want to go out on a Thursday night, go - just as long as it doesn’t impede your goals. You don’t want to look back and have regrets.”

Maltese met his wife Carrie, a CPA, when she worked at EY. She is currently a stay at home mom, having worked in accounting and tax at EY, and in financial planning analysis for NBC and Merck. The couple has two children, Alexa Rose, age 14 and Jacob Sam, age 11. They live in Marlboro, New Jersey.

Maltese recently built a wine and craft beer cellar, and enjoys a long run on the weekend, season tickets to the Jets where he tailgates with his son, and watching his daughter experience life.