FAQ 2018 School of Business Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

FAQ 2018 School of Business Graduation Ceremony
SEFCU Arena on Saturday, May 19

Are tickets required?

NO TICKETS ARE REQUIRED to attend the School of Business Ceremony.
The UAlbany website indicates all ceremonies need tickets, but this is not true for the School of Business. You do not need to rsvp and you are not limited to the number of guests. So your family may bring 2 friends or 22 friends, all are welcome.

What time can does the ceremony begin and end?

Graduates are required to arrive in regalia at 12:30 p.m. The ceremony begins promptly at 1:00 p.m. Families and friends can arrive as early as noon. The ceremony usually concludes by 2:15 p.m.

Are names of graduates announced?

Yes, each name is called as the graduate crosses the stage.

Is there assigned seating for the graduates?

No, upon arrival each graduate picks up a card with his/her name and that card is given to the professor who reads names when the graduate approaches the stage. That means each graduate can sit with graduating friends on the arena floor.

Is there reserved seating for special needs guests?

Yes. There is assigned seating for a special needs guest and ONE companion. Other family members need to sit in the bleachers. Wheelchairs are available for transportation only from the front door of the arena to the arena floor so no one needs to manage stairs. Once on the arena floor, the guest moves from the wheelchair to the reserved seat. Wheelchair assistance is provided following the ceremony back to the front or back doors. However, we only have two wheelchairs so please allow extra time and bring patience for transport following the ceremony.

Is it mandatory that the graduate attend both the School of Business Ceremony on Saturday and the UAlbany Undergraduate Ceremony on Sunday?

No. Graduates and families/friends may attend one or both.

Has my son/daughter done the necessary steps to participate in the ceremonies?

The Registrar’s Office sends an electronic form to each candidate for graduation. Once the student has submitted the online form stating an intent to graduate, his/her records will be reviewed and if they have completed the credits required, your son/daughter’s name should appear in the School of Business Program. School of Business staff cannot confirm whether this has been done; please ask the graduate.

Helpful Hints

The SEFCU arena is always cold. Even if it is hot outside, please bring a light jacket or sweater.
You will not have easy access to food and water. Feel free to bring a snack or beverage.
No balloons are allowed. If released, they could block heating/cooling vents.
Faculty and staff in the school of business work diligently to create a memorable experience. Countless hours are devoted to making this occasion very special. If you are wondering whether it’s worth the trip and worth the expense of travel, the answer is definitely yes!
For questions not answered above, please call Sally Mills in the School of Business on 518-956-8322.