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    The UAlbany Career Advisory Network (UCAN) links alumni with students in search of career expertise. The new and improved UCAN online platform provides easy registration and heightened privacy. You choose the type of assistance you would like to offer and how much time you would like to spend.


  • Neil_Flanagan_with_Paul_Vita_and_Matthew_Waring
    School of Business 33rd Annual Student Award Ceremony

    The University at Albany School of Business 33rd Annual Student Award Ceremony honored 87 students with 58 endowed awards.

  • Digital Forensics student Elisabeth DuBois
    Changing Lives

     Digital Forensics student Elisabeth Dubois is working on a digital lab business proposal for The Global Child, a non-profit school in Cambodia for children who otherwise would be working on the streets. Elisabeth developed the plan based on what she had learned in the classroom as well as through her research.

  • UAlbany direct admit reception EY spring 2018
    EY and Deloitte Receptions Recruit High-Achieving Freshmen Class

    Twelve years ago, the School of Business began admitting high-achieving high school seniors into the School of Business as direct admits. Soon after, alumni at EY and Deloitte began sponsoring direct admit receptions held at their corporate offices. 

  • USAL Vice Rectora Luciana Tondello, UAlbany Business Dean Shawky and UAlbany Provost Stellar
    School of Business Strengthens South American Connections

    The School of Business is enhancing its international presence with two South American initiatives. One builds on a 20-year relationship with an Argentinian university and another began in January with a school based in São Paolo, Brazil. 

  • Students talking to an employer at UAlbany School of Business Cyber Jobs Week
    Cyber Jobs Week

    The inaugural Cyber Jobs Week supported job and internship placement for students in the School of Business digital forensics program and other cyber security students across UAlbany.


  • UAlbany LAX midfielder Kyle McClancy vs a Yale player in the 2018 NCAA semifinal
    Inside LAX Final Four: Midfielder Kyle McClancy Shares His Story

    If you were there, you felt it too. The intense heat radiating off the turf at Gillette Stadium, the cheers of the crowd and the excitement that comes from being part of a first. It was the biggest game in the history of UAlbany men’s sports: the NCAA Division I semifinal. It was the first time that a UAlbany men’s team had made it to the D1 Final Four in any sport.

  • Richelle Konian '95 delivers remarks at the UAlbany School of Business 2018 commencement ceremony
    Be Bold. Be Purple and Gold.

    Richelle Konian's compelling UAlbany enthusiasm inspired the Class of 2018 at the School of Business commencement ceremony in May. When she was asked to deliver the commencement address she humbly wondered, "Why are they asking me? I'm an entrepreneur. I'm still figuring it out."

  • Richelle Konain '95 delivers remarks at the UAlbany School of Business 2018 commencement ceremony
    Richelle Konian '95 commencement remarks to the UAlbany School of Business Class of 2018

    Noted career expert,Richelle Konian ‘95 offered words of advice and encouragement to the Class of 2018. Konian, the founder and CEO of Careers On The Move, the boutique executive search firm she founded when she was just five years out of school, serves as vice president of the UAlbany Alumni Association Board of Directors and is a long-time member of the School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board.

  • UAlbany School of Business Digital Forensics Prof Liyue Fan
    Professor Fan Lands NSF Grant to Improve Data Privacy

    The National Science Foundation has awarded Liyue Fan a $175,000 grant to develop privacy-enhancing technology for image data.

    Fan, an assistant professor in the department of information security and digital forensics, is working to create software that can more powerfully blur images than mainstream graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop.


  • UAlbany School of Business students and their professors pose in the offices of Situation Interactive
    Marketing Students Learn From Industry Leaders

    A trip to one of the leading digital marketing firms in the country provided students with the opportunity to meet and learn from practitioners. Alumnus Damian Bazadona, founder and president of Situation Interactive, invited marketing students to his firm’s offices to learn from his staff and successful UAlbany alumni. 

  • Thinking face
    Researching Emoji

    Emoji are ubiquitous, sometimes annoying, sometimes fun and generally impossible to ignore. There are more than 2,700 official emoji in use. A recent iOS update added 70 new emoji characters. Almost everyone uses emoji, including marketers. Despite their popularity, little research has been done on their impact on communication. 

  • Barbara and Harold Pazer, UAlbany School of Business information systems pioneer
    Prof Harold Pazer Honored with Scholarship

    A book scholarship has been created by the Pazer family to honor former professor and pioneer in information system quality Harold Pazer, and his wife Barbara.