Sensational School of Business Alumni

School of Business alumni make many contributions that that positively impact students. Whether it’s coming back to campus to speak to a class, spending time mentoring a student, providing financial resources or hosting a group of students onsite at their company for a day, students benefit from an involved alumni base. It's time to give back.

Lucas Detor '94
Managing Principal
CarVal Investors

From UAlbany to the Secret Service to New York University to investment banking, nothing about Lucas Detor’s career journey has been ordinary or what he expected when he graduated in 1994. Yet he would be the first to tell you he would not change a moment of his global adventure.

Read his story in the Fall 2016 issue of UAlbany Business.
Hillary (Rosin) Hansen '93

Hillary Hansen was working on a business concentration in management and marketing when advisor John Levato suggested that she consider changing her major to accounting, saying, “This is your path.” Hansen listened. She scored a job at Ernst & Young, found her niche and made partner. Hansen is a regular donor to the EY Initiative Fund which supports student related accounting initiatives.

Read her story in the Spring 2016 issue of UAlbany Business.

Dean Backer '88
Managing Director and Partner
Goldman Sachs

After beginning his career at Andersen Consulting, Backer was recruited by Goldman Sachs, an Andersen client. Twenty-five years later, Backer is a member of Goldman Sach’s “Quarter Century Club,” a small group that includes all employees who have logged 25 years with the firm. He supports the school through the Dean C. Backer ‘88 Scholarship, membership on the Dean’s Advisory Board and mentoring students.

Read his story in the Spring 2016 issue of UAlbany Business.

Amy Knapp '97
Corsair Capital

“The school painted a very clear picture of the path an accounting degree could open up for me. By providing a scholarship to a qualifying freshman from my hometown, I hope to make that path clearer a little sooner for high-school students who may be looking for concrete ideas and opportunities for their educational and professional development.”

Read her story in the Fall 2015 issue of UAlbany Business.

Michael Nash '83
Senior Managing Director
The Blackstone Group

Mike Nash’s career started with an accounting degree, bringing him to Deloitte, New York University, the Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Bank and Merrill Lynch. He landed at the Blackstone Group in 2007. He and his wife created the Michael B. ’83 & Lori M. Nash ’83 Endowed Scholarship.

Read his story in the Fall 2014 issue of UAlbany Business.

Roanne M. Kulakoff '81
Partner (retired)

Finance, accounting, corporate communications and photography. Roanne Kulakoff has taken an interdisciplinary approach to life, using it to create a remarkable career. Kulakoff serves as a director for the University at Albany Foundation and sits on the School of Business Dean’s Advisory Board. She also created The Roanne Kulakoff ’81 School of Business Scholarship Fund and The Roanne Kulakoff ’81 Art Department Fund.

Read her story in the Spring 2015 issue of UAlbany Business.