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T-CELLS (Team Coaches and Executive Life Lines)

Throughout G3, all teams have access to experts in the various fields related to sustainability, business school faculty, and seasoned business professionals. With a deep bunch of experts and coaches, our MBA teams can provide boardroom-ready recommendations for our client companies and experience firsthand how seasoned managers meet 21st century demands. Our T-CELLS support the program in three important ways:

1. Experts give presentations on cutting edge topics, meet with students, and provide support to all teams.
2. Business development coaches are embedded in each team and provide professional guidance and help with strategy development
3. Business faculty are on call to support the development of multi-functional recommendations.


Beth Coco
Chief Financial Well-Being Officer
SEFCU Credit Union

"The G3 program provides experiential activities that expose students to real business challenges and situations. This is a key element of the program, as is the team aspect of the assigned projects. Students work together to design, develop and innovate effective cost-savings ideas and strategies for their client firm. As a result, students hone their analytical skills and professional abilities and the client receives an innovative perspective from a creative team."



Dr. Jim Mahoney
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Market Solutions
Tampa, Florida

"The future success of businesses will require an aggressive and sustained commitment to the development and deployment of a wide range of clean and green technologies over the next several decades.”



Dr. Steven Ricci
Chief Technology Officer
Waste Hub
Columbus, Ohio

“This is an extraordinary program and one that will produce a superior MBA graduate, capable of succeeding in a fast paced, dynamic and demanding global business climate.””