Ken Moore

Position: Strategic Management Professor
Website: Personal Website

BA, Nasson College

MS University of Southern California

Ken teaches strategic management and Human Resources courses to business school seniors and graduates.  He is a widely published author in domestic and international trade publications.  His research, writing and speaking engagements focus on the fast changing nature of business and leadership’s responses to or lack of responses to these changes. During his business career, Ken has also held adjunct teaching positions at Purdue University, Union Graduate College, St. Rose, and the New School. Ken is retired from the US Army with the rank of Major in the Adjutant General Corps.  

Other Positions

Independent Consulting

Director of Human Resources at Bunzl, PLC in Indianapolis

Director of Training at Evergreen Bank, Glens Falls


Recent Publications

a. Are Our Business Schools and Corporate Training Programs Up To the Challenge – Casopis Manazer, Slovak Human Resources Journal

b. Human Resources and the Value Chain Analysis – HR Dergi, Turkey

c. Enhancing Core Competencies for Human Resources Professionals – Lexis/Nexis, Hong Kong

d. Four Generations Working Together – Recipe for Conflict or Recipe for Opportunity – The Human Factor, Indian Institute for Planning and Management, India

e. Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility – Foundation for Human Resources Development, Malta

f. Human Resources –At A Crossroad; - White Paper, Society for Human Resources Management, U.S.

g. Human Resources as a Profitability Factor; - HR Management Journal, Institute For Human Resources Management, Kenya


MGT 430

MGT 450
MGT 481
MGT 514