Information Security & Digital Forensics

The Information Security and Digital Forensics Department is focused on the emerging areas of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. Since about a decade ago, the field of security is gradually transforming from perimeter defense to gaining visibility into our internal networks – detecting intrusions, managing incidents, and remediating security weaknesses. 

Identity theft, insider trading, information security breaches, cyberattacks, industrial espionage, financial fraud and terrorism leave behind digital “fingerprints” in the form of electronic data, whether from computers, networks, the cloud, GPS systems or smartphones. Digital forensics and security analytics helps understand how to follow these “fingerprints” to investigate incidents and track activities in the electronic domain. This typically comes into play after a security incident, to determine the who, what, where, when and why. Cyber incidents have huge economic consequences. Organizations rely on digital forensics to detect incidents and respond to them.

The department of Information Security & Digital Forensics has three programs, a B.S. degree in Digital Forensics, an MBA with a concentration in Cyber Security, and a Graduate Certificate in Information Security.

  • The B.S. in Digital Forensics is the first of its kind in New York State and is only one of a handful of such programs in the entire nation.
  • The Graduate Certificate in Information Security, established about 6 years ago, offers both face-to-face and online classes. It attracts traditional students as well as working professionals looking to enhance their skill set and job prospects.

Faculty research in the department of Information Security & Digital Forensics is focused on behavioral cyber security, privacy, and data analytics. The program boasts 6 faculty members from top schools, state of the art laboratories and strong external connections. The department is well funded with several million dollars in research funding in any given year from both public and private entities.