University Awards School of Business Students

Sixteen students, a business club, a professor and an advisor were selected as the best of the university at the President's Leadership Award ceremony.

President’s Leadership Awards were presented to  sixteen School of Business students:

· Jesus Nuñez Arenas (Christine A. Bouchard School Spirit Award)
· Elisabeth Dubois (Rod Hart Memorial Award)
· Hannah Kabir (Ada Craig Walker Award)
· Nicholas Rizzo (Outstanding Senior Award)
· Jessica Van Saders (Great Dane Award) 
· Taylor Cox (Residential Life Outstanding Leadership Award)
· Carlie Eagle (Outstanding Senior Award)
· Harlan Ginsburg (Great Dane Award)
· Paula Heuser (Great Dane Award)
· Grant Hilsenrath (Outstanding Senior Award)
· Antonio Iacobelli (Great Dane Award)
· Nicholas Ketter (Great Dane Award)
· Samim Qaderi (Community Service Leadership Award)
· Christian Rodriguez (Great Dane Award)
· Alexis Williamson (Athletes Leadership Award)
· Colin Manchester (Outstanding Senior Award)

Albany Business Leaders Emerging (ABLE) was awarded the Great Dane Award for outstanding leadership.

Rich Schneible was one of fourteen UAlbany faculty and staff awarded the President’s Excellence Award

Damira Pon was named the Outstanding Student Organization Advisor. Photo below.