School of Business and Basketball

More than half of the members of The University at Albany’s basketball teams have a connection to the School of Business.  

The women’s team includes 3 business majors: Aubrey Hernandez, Bailey Hixson and Heather Forster, 3 business minors and 1 intended business major. 

The men’s team includes 2 business majors: Dallas Ennema and Mike Rowley, 5 business minors, 1 intended business major and 1 intended accounting major.

It got us thinking, “What’s the connection between business and basketball?” Here’s what they said.

Dallas Ennema ’16,’17
B.S. Accounting
M.S. Taxation

There are many parallels when it comes to studies and your sport. The first is obvious, which is hard work pays off. If you put the time in for your studies or on the court, you will see the results in your work or performances.

Career plans: Will begin work in tax at EY this summer.

Heather Forster ’18
B.S. Business: Marketing Minor: Art

Basketball is a team sport and you have to learn to work with others to accomplish your goals, which is the same as many business positions. In a business there are many different departments that have to work together in order to be successful.

Career plans: Combining marketing concentration and an art minor to land a job as an advertising designer. Her sister Julie Forster ’12, ‘13, who played basketball and earned a business degree at UAlbany, has played basketball in Europe since graduation, currently in Cáceres, Spain.

Aubrey Hernandez ‘17
B.S. Digital Forensics

The main parallel is that you have to work hard on and off the court.

Career plans: Plans to join the army after graduation, eventually working for the FBI.

Bailey Hixson ‘17
B.S. Business: Marketing/Management  

Basketball is its own business world. Yes we are just college student athletes but being D1 we are expected to produce a certain level of skill and talent every day. We are recruited into the basketball business because we bring something to the table. It is very similar to the regular working business world.

Career plans: Pursuing athletic marketing for a professional or collegiate team.

Mike Rowley ’17
B.S. Business: Marketing/Finance

One of the biggest appeals of studying business is that, just like in basketball, you are constantly placed in team environments whereby a group of people are tasked together. You try to utilize people’s strengths and weaknesses effectively to create the best end product possible.

Career plans: Determining whether to remain in the U.S. or return to Australia. His brother Sam Rowley ’15, who played basketball and earned a business degree at UAlbany, works for Deloitte in Washington D.C.