Deutsche Bank Targets UAlbany Students for Internships and Jobs


The University at Albany is the only SUNY school on Deutsche Bank’s short list. In fact, the global banking and financial services giant targets fewer than 30 schools in the U.S. for internships and jobs.

Deutsche Bank Director of Market Risk Management Dominick Petruccelli ‘01 makes regular trips to campus to meet with students. He likes what he sees. Petruccelli said, “Our track record is 100% so far. UAlbany School of Business students interview well, have good experience through the investment club and have already analyzed how macroeconomic events affect portfolios. They roll up their sleeves and work hard.”

He was elated when his firm followed his suggestion to check out the talent at UAlbany four years ago. Until then, the bank had primarily considered candidates from other top ranked schools. Due to Petruccelli’s urging and his colleagues’ appreciation of how well-prepared UAlbany students are, the bank now gives the School of Business its full campus recruiting treatment, the same effort they put into recruiting at other top schools.

Besides meeting with Deutsche Bank on campus, students travel to their New York City offices. In January, the bank hosted “Danes in NYC: Career Exploration Series” for twenty University at Albany undergraduates on winter break from their studies.

Deutsche Bank looks to the Financial Analyst Honors Program and the Financial Market Regulation Program for candidates for internships and jobs.

Financial Analyst Honors Program

Luis Ramirez ’18, a junior in the FAH program, attended the Deutsche Bank career exploration event in January. He said, “I decided to attend the event in order to gain some firsthand exposure to the industry. Deutsche Bank is a multi-national firm and one of the premier investment banks in the world --I wanted to see what working there was like. I hope to replicate the success of our accomplished alumni. I feel ready due to the in-depth classwork and real-world applications offered by the Financial Analyst program. Overall, the FAH program can be challenging, but the experiences and skills you learn make you into a more marketable candidate when looking for jobs.”

According to School of Business Director of Career Services Deirdre Sweeney, many large firms hire from the Financial Analyst Honors Program. Sweeney said, “Besides Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs hires our FAH students, as does Citibank, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, RBC Bank and other firms on Wall Street and beyond.”

A survey of the FAH class of 2016 found that they were highly likely to recommend their program, indicating the opportunities offered by the program and extraordinary dedication of faculty. One reason they are so happy is the placement rate. 96% of the class graduated with job offers in hand.

Financial Market Regulation Program

Speaking at Deutsche Bank’s Danes in NYC event was School of Business graduate Donald Boyce ’06, ‘08, vice president of Deutsche’s regulatory management group. Boyce has been a strong supporter of the UAlbany interdisciplinary program in financial market regulation; he created and chairs the Institute for Financial Market Regulation Network for graduates of the FMR program and serves on the advisory council of the UAlbany Institute for Financial Market Regulation. He said, “There is a huge need for regulatory and compliance minded professionals in the current job market and the professors at the B-School are uniquely qualified to provide quality academic training.”

Building on Boyce’s observations, Sweeney noted that the school cannot keep up with the demand for graduates of the financial market regulation program.

School of Business Associate Professor David Smith said, “UAlbany students have a distinct advantage over those from competing schools because of their depth of knowledge from the FMR program.”

The University at Albany School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate programs in finance. Undergrads may choose the Financial Analyst Honors Program, the Financial Market Regulation Program or a dual concentration of finance and another business subject. Graduate students earn an MBA with a concentration in finance. 

Deutsche Bank Director of Market Risk Management Dominick Petruccelli ‘01 brought his recruiting team to speak to students at UAlbany.