Victoria Kisekka

Position: Assistant Professor
Office: (518) 956-8361
Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Kisekka is an Assistant Professor in the Information Security and Digital Forensics department. She attained her doctoral degree from the University at Buffalo’s School of Management, where she received the “PhD Student Achievement Award”. She is also a recipient of the Pacesetter Award from Argonne National Lab, for her research contributions in Information Security. Dr. Kisekka’s research areas are: Information Security, Information Privacy, and Healthcare Information Technologies.



Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

Security Policies

Information Security Risk Assessment


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Beta Gamma Sigma

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Women in CyberSecurity


Select publications

Kisekka, V., Chakraborty, R., Bagchi-Sen, S., & Raghav Rao, H. (2015). Investigating Factors Influencing Web-Browsing Safety Efficacy Amongst Older Adults. Journal of Information Privacy and Security, 11(3), 158-173.


Kisekka, V., Bagchi-Sen, S., & Raghav Rao, H. (2013). Extent of private information disclosure on online social networks: An exploration of Facebook mobile phone users. Computers in Human Behavior, 29(6), 2722-2729.


Manuscripts under review

 Baham, C., Kisekka, V., & Calderon, A. An Agile Methodology for the Disaster Recovery of Complex Systems under Catastrophic Scenarios. Under review at the Journal of the Association for Information Systems.


Kisekka, V., Sharman, R., Smith, S., Gerber, N., Lynch, J. "A study of individual resilience against information technology extreme events in healthcare organizations." Under review at Journal of the Association of Information Systems.


Conference Proceedings

Kisekka, V., Sharman, R., Rao, H. R., Upadhyaya,  S., Gerber, N., Investigating the Antecedents of Healthcare Workers' Perceptions of Organizational Resilience in Hospitals, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2015, Fort Worth, Texas, Dec. 13-16, 2015.


Kisekka, S., Han, W., and Sharman, S. “Utilizing the Uses and Gratification Theory to Understand Patients Use of Online Support Groups”, (2014). Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 2014 Proceedings, August 7, Savannah, Georgia.


Kisekka, V., Sharman, R., Gerber, N., Rao, H.R., Upadhyaya, S. (2014, August),  Organizational Resilience in Hospitals During Extreme Events. Paper presented at theInformation Systems Doctoral Student Association Conference, Savannah, GA. *Best paper award*


Evans, N., Thompson, M., Kisekka, V. (2014, August), Multiple OS Rotational Environment: An Implemented Moving Target Defense.  Paper presented at the7th IEEE International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems, Denver, CO.


Evans, N., Thompson, M., Kisekka, V. (2014, June). Two-Man Authentication:From Concept to an Implementation. In R. Anderson (Chair), 82nd Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Symposium, Alexandria, VA


Venkatesan, S., Han, W., Kisekka, V., and Sharman, R., “Misinformation in Online Health Communities”, 2013. Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP 2013), December 14, Milan Italy.