Expanding Reputation Through Conferences

“These conferences add significant luster to our reputation as a leading research-driven business school."

A good conference combining the right people, the right information and the right place can inform, create and expand relationships and create opportunities for visibility.

In 2014, the School of Business hosted three conferences that did all three.

The Fifth Annual International e-HRM Conference was at the SUNY Global Center in July. The University at Albany inaugural Financial Market Symposium: Hedge Funds and Regulation, and the sixth annual New York Accounting and Finance Forum were held on campus in September. said, “These conferences add significant luster to our reputation as a leading research-driven business school. They also allow us to show off our new $64 million School of Business Building and the SUNY Global Center in New York City, which is more accessible to our alumni.”

Associate Professor Na Dai said, “The finance department initiated the Financial Market Symposium series to bring in well-known scholars with cutting-edge research.” Dr. Dai was successful. She brought faculty from Georgia State University, University of Kentucky, Northeastern University, North Carolina State University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as involving UAlbany’s accomplished professors. The topics included the governance of hedge funds, hedge fund activism, hedge fund contracting and hedge fund registration.

Dr. Dai had a threefold purpose. She said, “First, this helps the UAlbany finance department improve its reputation in the Capital Region and nationally as a research center; second, this promotes the research activities of faculties here; third, our alumni and students benefit from access to the most advanced research in finance and interacting with these scholars.”

This was the first time the International e-HRM Conference was held in the United States. Organizer and Associate Professor Janet Marler said, “Since UAlbany is recognized for its HR/IS MBA program, being the organizer and sponsor of this conference in the U.S. was important to show that we lead in this important domain both in terms of education and research.”

The conference brought together human resource managers, professionals, consultants and researchers, leading to increased understanding on both sides. Dr. Marler said, “It benefits researchers because it is a forum to share ideas, the latest research and to develop future research relationships and ideas. It also benefits professionals because they learn about what is being researched, and it benefits academic researchers because they have more insight into some of the key challenges faced by practitioners.”

A key outcome of the e-HRM conference was a growing relationship with the Professional Exchange of Human Resource Solutions, a professional association for human resource information technology professionals, and Sierra-Cedar, an international human resource information technology consulting firm. At the conference, Sierra-Cedar announced that it would be working with Dr. Marler to make its HRM Systems Survey available for academic research, the first time it has had such a partnership. PEHRS is partnering on a second MBA field project.

Information Technology Management Chair Sanjay Goel is organizing a conference on intelligent traffic lights.

The school will co-sponsor the New York State Cyber Security Conference for the 13th consecutive year and the associated academic track, the Annual Symposium on Information Assurance, which Goel created in 2005.

Dr. Dai will hold the second annual Finance Market Symposium this fall.

According to Dr. Marler, next International e-HRM conference will be held at Twente University in the Netherlands in 2016. UAlbany hopes to sponsor again in a few years.