The New UAlbany MBA

The School of Business has a lot to brag about: a new building, a new degree in digital forensics and a $5.25 million gift from the Massry family. There will be more cause for celebration in September: a newly expanded MBA. Fulltime students will have the opportunity to choose from six concentrations. Cyber security, marketing, finance and entrepreneurship have been added to current offerings in information technology and human resource information systems.

Good for the Students, Good for the School and Good for Rankings

The new MBA program has been constructed to make certain that students get jobs. It builds on three consecutive years of 100 percent placement of domestic students, a feat accomplished by only one other school of business in the U.S. this year. The perfect placement rate is more amazing, considering that students coming into the program possess little or no job experience. The program provides it.

The chance to add experience to their resumes combined with a larger variety of concentrations, including two in the exploding fields of cyber security and entrepreneurship, make the school more attractive to prospective students. The program is expected to attract the best and the brightest. And that will boost rankings.

Research and Work Experience is Built In

Experiential learning will continue to be an essential element of the MBA. While participating in Going Green Globally, the capstone course of the initial year of the program, students develop environmental sustainability initiatives for a business. The intensive two week project connects first-year MBA student teams with real clients, university faculty, and industry experts, and puts them to work on client strategic initiatives and sustainability plans.

A yearlong field project continues to anchor the second year of the program, providing students with the opportunity to act as consultants under the supervision of a faculty member.

Almost all students pursue an internship between the first and second years of the program, with help from the School of Business Office of Career Services. Some have the opportunity to continue their internships into the school year.

The new MBA will provide more opportunities for applied research experiences with faculty. In lieu of a field project, students enrolled in the finance, marketing and entrepreneurship concentrations will complete a thesis.

New Concentrations Build on Strengths of the School of Business

The new cybersecurity concentration was established based on the successes of the graduate certificate in information security and the undergraduate degree in digital forensics.

The finance concentration will prepare students for positions in the investment analysis and valuation of alternative assets such as commodities, hedge funds, private equity, real assets and structured products.

The MBA concentration in marketing, will add and expand on elements of the undergraduate program in marketing, one of the most popular undergraduate majors at UAlbany. At the graduate level, students will focus on services marketing. They will evaluate the return on investment of marketing initiatives and learn about marketing strategy: how the discipline interacts with the other elements of business.

The newly hired Standish Professor of Entrepreneurship will lead that area of study. Dr. William Wales takes a practical approach to the field, encouraging the creation and building of new business.