UAlbany School of Business receives $5.25 Million Gift from the Massry Family

A $5.25 million gift from the Massry family will support the School of Business and key university-wide initiatives. This is the largest gift ever made to the University at Albany and will support the upward trajectory of the School of Business. 

According to UAlbany President Robert J. Jones, the  gift will be used in support of the School of Business and university-wide initiatives. He said, "It will ensure that School of Business technologies remain state-of-the-art resources for teaching, learning and research. In addition, the gift will fund speakers, conferences and programs that enrich the educational experience for School of Business students."

School of Business Dean Donald Siegel  added, "The Massrys represent the best of what we hope our students become-successful entrepreneurs who make their community a better place to live.  They have made a wise investment in our school, which is housed in the 4th most attractive business school building in the world, has been ranked #1 in the country by U.S. News and World Reports for the past two years for graduate student placement, and recently launched N.Y. State’s first four-year undergraduate degree program in digital forensics or information security applied to any sector of the economy.” 

The gift will also establish the Massry Community Fellows Program, based in the School of Business but offered to all University at Albany students, which will fund internships with local non-profit organizations.

Dean Siegel said, "Internships at non-profits are more difficult to secure than those at private companies because of inadequate funds. The Massry donation will enable us to do things for the students — research, education, community engagement — that we simply can't do with the money we have from the state."

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