Computer Labs Named By Alumni and ARC Group

Two computer labs were named this fall: the Alumni of Professor Lakshmi Mohan Lab for MBA students, named for the highly respected professor emeritus, and the ARC Group of New York Incident Response Lab for undergraduate students enrolled in the newly created major in digital forensics.

Alumni of Professor Lakshmi Mohan Lab

Professor Lakshmi Mohan, Tony McCarthy  '84 and Dean Donald Siegel on the occasion of McCarthy's creation of a scholarship in Mohan's name in 2010.

 The naming of the Mohan lab was an alumni-led initiative spearheaded by Tony McCarthy ’84, who created the Professor Lakshmi Mohan Endowed Scholarship in 2010. The naming of the lab provided alumni with an opportunity to honor Mohan, the information technology professor who taught them, put them in field projects and found them jobs.

Professor Mohan, the “grand dame” of UAlbany ITM, is humbled by all of the attention. She shouldn’t be. In her 40 years at the University at Albany, she has survived nine School of Business deans and an airplane hijacking. (Read more on Dr. Mohan’s career in the spring issue of UAlbany Business.)

Mohan said, “I am extremely proud of my students. Because of them I have an amazing legacy.”
Supporters of the Alumni of Professor Lakshmi Mohan Lab
Colene M. Byrne, Ph.D. '05    
Nicholas R. Clark '11    
Gregory '83 and Suzanne Dionne    
Gary A. Duncan '84    
William and Audrey Holstein     
Seth Marlowe '88    
Anthony McCarthy '84    
David Morgen '81    
Pyvera, Erol Eyikan '95
William Rendo '89    
Manoj Shankar '93   

The ARC Group of NY Incident Response Lab

Recently hired digital forensics faculty member Fabio R. Auffant II, a former technical lieutenant in the New York State Police Computer Crime Unit, worked with Anthony Reyes, chief executive officer of the ARC Group of New York, to name the digital forensics lab this fall.

The ARC Group, one of the top three vendors of forensic software, made an in-kind donation of $563,390 worth of ProDiscover software to the School of Business. Students working on a degree in digital forensics major will use the incident response software conduct research, develop tools, conduct training and raise awareness of cyber security issues.

Auffant said, “This collaboration capitalizes on our mutual interest in cyber security and incident response and strengthens our educational and research endeavors in digital forensics.”

The ARC Group of New York will grant user licenses for two versions of the ProDiscover forensic software and support for the forensic instructors for the two year agreement. ProDiscover Basic will be used for all digital forensics 200-level courses at the University at Albany and six partner community colleges. ProDiscover Incident Response will be used for 300 and 400 level forensic courses. ARC will also provide training for the digital forensics instructors and opportunities for student internships.

The lab will be a model for five additional university labs to be selected in the future. More on the lab: Sealing the Breach.

The ARC Group of New York provides consultation services to national and international clients on matters such as detecting computer and network security breaches and the implementation of computer and network security countermeasures. It is the sole distributor of ProDiscover Incident Response, a proactive and reactive computer forensic investigation and information security software. For more information, visit ARC’s website at