Justin Giboney

Position: Assistant Professor
Office: (518) 956-8335
Email: jgiboney@albany.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Management Information Systems, University of Arizona (2014).
    Minor in Computer Science
    Dissertation Title: Development and Application of an Online Tool for Systematic
        Reviews and Meta-Analyses

MS in Information Systems, Brigham Young University (2010).
BS in Information Systems, Brigham Young University (2010).
AA in Liberal Arts, with “Honors”; Sierra College (2005).

Developed Software
OrionShoulders: an Online Meta-Analysis Tool (www.orionshoulders.com). Orion Shoulders meta-analysis software offers an easy-to-use yet powerful interface, designed to walk you through the meta-analysis process and help you avoid unnecessary repetitive tasks.

Submitted Papers
Justin Scott Giboney, Susan A. Brown, Paul Benjamin Lowry, and Jay F. Nunamaker Jr. TheImpact of Argument Types on Explanation Use.

Jay F. Nunamaker Jr., Nathan W. Twyman, and Justin Scott Giboney. Breaking out of theDesign Science Box: High-Value Impact through Multidisciplinary Design Science Programs ofResearch.4

Justin Scott Giboney, Alexandra Durcikova, and Robert Zmud. Digital Activists and ‘BlackHat’ Hackers: Explaining Intentionally Disruptive Online Behaviors.

Working Papers
Judee Burgoon, Gregory D. Moody, Paul Benjamin Lowry, Sean L. Humphreys, James Gaskin,Justin Scott Giboney, and Joe Bonito. Application of Expectancy Violations Theory toCommunication with and Judgments of Embodied Agents during Decision-Making.

Judee K. Burgoon, William Mayew, Justin Scott Giboney, Aaron Elkins, Kevin Moffitt, LeeSplitzley, Michael Byrd, and Bradley Dorn. Applying Linguistic and Vocalic Analysis to CompanyConference Calls to Detect Fraud-Related Statements, (targeting Journal of Language and SocialPsychology)

Justin Scott Giboney, Jeffrey Gainer Proudfoot, and Sanjay Goel. Measuring Hacking Ability:Hacking Self-Efficacy and Perceived Hacking Ability.

Published Research
Paul Benjamin Lowry, Justin Scott Giboney, Ryan Schuetzler, Tom Gregory, and John Romney. The Value of Distrust in Computer-Based Decision-Making Groups: An Extension of an Individual-Level Distrust Model to CMC-Based Groups. (Submitted to GDN 17 Aug 2013;Submitted Revise and Resubmit to GDN 2 Mar 2014; Accepted for publication 13 Aug 2014). http://link.springer.com/journal/10726/onlineFirst/page/1

Jordan B. Barlow, Justin Scott Giboney, Mark Jeffery Keith, David W. Wilson, Ryan M.Schuetzler, Paul Benjamin Lowry, and Anthony Vance (2011). Overview and Guidance on Agile Development in Large Organizations. Communications of the Association for Information Systems 29(1) pp25-44. http://aisel.aisnet.org/cais/vol29/iss1/2/