Technology Transfer Conference

The School of Business hosted the Technology Transfer Society
Annual Research Conference, “Technology Transfer and Academic
Entrepreneurship,” at the New York Academy of Sciences in New
York City on April 19th and 20th. This year, 65 authors from 21
countries presented their findings.

The keynote speakers were Professor William Baumol of New York
University who presented, “Educating Innovative Entrepreneurs:
Crucial for Society But Untested at the University” and Professor
David Teece, Director of the Institute for Business Innovation, Haas
School of Business University of California, Berkeley, who spoke
on “Innovation, Ecosystems, and the University: How Does our
Innovation System Work in Microcosm?”

T²S was sponsored by the Research Foundation of SUNY. The
conference connects academics and practitioners, private and public
sectors, and a variety of social science and engineering disciplines.
Past conferences have covered “Innovation and Entrepreneurship,”
“Emerging Issues in Technology Transfer,”
and “Entrepreneurship and Technology

School of Business Dean Donald Siegel
serves as President of the Technology
Transfer Society, which sponsors the Journal
of Technology Transfer, the only academic journal devoted to the
managerial and policy implications of technology transfer. For over
30 years, the Technology Transfer Society has been dedicated to
the academic analysis of technology transfer and commercialization
and the identification and dissemination of best practices. T²S
membership consists largely of scholars in a wide variety of
academic disciplines, but also policymakers and practitioners at
universities, federal labs, incubators, and science parks.