Forbes Names Orstov a 30 Under 30

Brief Spring 2013

Neal OstrovNeal Ostrov ’10, Senior Marketing Manager at Mobli Media was named a 30 under 30 by Forbes. Forbes called Ostrov and his fellow winners “the brightest minds rocking the marketing world.” Forbes said that Ostrov received the award because he “has developed, managed and executed numerous successful digital advertising campaigns.”

The business major with a management/marketing concentration started his career at Appular, working on marketing campaigns for mobile apps such as – Legendary Wars, Doodle Jump, Filmic Pro, Zombie Farm, Juggernaut, The Moron Test, and Outfit 7, some of which ended up being featured in the Apple store as a result of Ostrov’s work. One of his accounts was the start-up Mobli. He started there April of 2012. In December Ostrov received the Forbes award. 

While in school he interned with Professor Suraj Commuri on research on consumer behavior. Ostrov said, “I’m interested in the psychological side. What makes people tick? In marketing it’s a matter of leveraging that information.” 

And what makes Ostrov tick? He said, “It’s great when someone tells you that they use your app or you see people using it on the train. Or it’s at the top at the app store.” 

Ostrov encourages risk taking, practices what he preaches and learns from it. He said, “I've worked on a lot of campaigns. Not all of them worked out. I learn more from when I fail than when I succeed.” 

He was 24 when he was chosen for the Forbes honor, well below the age limit of 30. He humbly attributed his success to the newness of the discipline, “Straight out of school I got involved in a field that was young. Mobile apps were just starting.” Preparation is another key to Ostrov’s early success. His goal? Making sure that he knows more than the next guy. He said, “I am a bit obsessive on my projects and campaigns. I work out all of the scenarios. I don’t want to be caught off-guard.” 

Commuri agrees. He said, “Neal looks unassuming, but I never caught him unprepared. There was never a single question that he didn't know the answer to.” 

Last fall, Ostrov visited Commuri’s Social Media Marketing class to discuss the launch of Mobli, and to share his belief in preparation, “Never show up for a meeting without being 100% prepared, and prepared more than anyone else.” 

Ostrov’s brother Dan Gentile ’15 is an intended business major at UAlbany.