You’ve discovered that you like learning complex ideas, and that you find problem solving fun. You know that you can succeed; you’ve demanded highly of yourself and want it to pay off. You are confident, self-motivated and ready to take on the world – specifically, the Digital world.

The last question is: Are you ready to get on the road to success?

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  •  Applying: What you need to know and how to get into this program whether online or in seat.
  • Transfer Credits: If you’re coming from one of our partner Community Colleges, you want to know how to save time and money while earning your degree here at SUNY Albany from credits from prior college.
  • Tuition and Financing: Find out more about financial aid and payment options.

We want to close the gap between students who want to pursue a career involving digital forensics but aren’t offered the required four year education.”

“Private colleges offer Digital Forensics degrees but at a steeper price tag, the University at Albany offers a world class education with the guidance of renowned faculty…Truly, the only undergraduate program of its kind.”


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