Undergraduate Management Combined Concentration Options


With a joint management concentration, you tailor your program to your own needs, producing a degree with depth and variety in multiple areas of business. You get the chance to match the field’s range of subjects to your own goals and interests.

Combining a functional concentration with management gives you an edge in today’s dynamic and competitive job market. The combined concentration broadens your perspective. The ability to look at business strategy as a bigger picture and to have a broader knowledge base are valuable skills, especially if you wish to be part of the corporate management team.


A combined concentration with finance prepares students interested in moving up the corporate ladder in Wall Street or on Main Street. Students will learn principles of management and leadership that are important to taking on financial leadership roles in financial companies or in the financial function of companies in other industries. The combined concentration gives students an edge with additional general business skills to complement specialized knowledge. Examples of first jobs upon graduation of Albany graduates with this combined concentration include:

  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Private Client Banker


In this era of cloud computing and inter-organizational networks, IT professionals who choose to advance their careers as specialists or as IT executives need to understand how to manage virtual teams, manage IT implementation projects and manage change. Students combining an ITM concentration with Management will enhance their technical training with important knowledge about managing teams, motivating individuals and change management. Examples of first jobs upon graduation of Albany graduates with this combined concentration include:

  • Business process consultant
  • Global Initiatives Project Analyst
  • Human Resource Information Systems Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst


Graduates with this combined concentration often advance into senior management roles. Management classes featuring topics like executive leadership and decision-making, participative leadership and delegation, and recruiting, selection and career management add value as students with marketing skills gain responsibility and visibility. Here is just a small sample of jobs some management/marketing alumni reported recently.

  • Director of Strategic Marketing
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Regional Sales Director

For more detailed information, check out the complete list of undergraduate management classes and course descriptions.


All types of companies recognize the value of a joint management concentration. Results of recent alumni surveys illustrate their success at a wide variety of small, medium, and global businesses. You can find graduates with joint management concentrations at these and many other firms:

Ayco Corporation

Edward Jones Investments


Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison

Enterprise Car Rental    

Liberty Mutual

Ernst & Young

New York Life

Bank of America

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Sears Holdings


General Electric

Booz Allen Hamilton

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Canada Dry


Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
CHA Engineering

JP Morgan Chase
State Employees Federal Credit Union (SEFCU)

The College Board