Distinctive Program Features

“In the banking and financial industry, every detail during the interview has to be flawless. Boot Camp gives you industry-specific interview and resume tips. It gave me an advantage over others in the field.”

- Israel Moljo ’09 Equities Trader, UBS

Boot Camp

Boot Camp, an intensive semester-long career program, prepares you for internships and jobs with high level investment banks and other financial institutions by providing career-focused training, mock interviews and resume writing.

You will be trained by a Wall Street training firm and visit financial services organizations such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Oppenheimer, Bank of America and the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

University at Albany School of Business Investment Group

Michael Reynolds ’08, Matthew Alfieri ’08, and Vincent Cisternino ’08
Pictured from left: Michael Reynolds ’08, Matthew Alfieri ’08, and Vincent Cisternino ’08, alumni of the Financial Analyst Program and co-founders of UASBIG.
University at Albany School of Business Investment Group (UASBIG) was founded and contin­ues to be governed by students like you. The UASBIG portfolio aims to outperform the S&P 1500 index.

Approximately 30 students are selected to join UASBIG each year. They manage a diversified investment fund while learning proper research techniques for successful security analysis and portfolio manage­ment. During weekly conference calls, students pitch stocks to an Advisory Board. The officers of UASBIG prepare regular perfor­mance reports and make annual presentations to the University at Albany Foundation Board, who provided the funds for UASBIG with an initial $100,000 endowment. UASBIG is sponsored by the University at Albany Center for Institutional Investment Manage­ment.

Senior Thesis Project

Richa Birla ’12
“Our professors are always available to teach, guide, and help us. They work closely with every student, which makes the Financial Analyst Honors Program unique.”
– Richa Birla ’12
Over the course of a semester, you will hone your skills by:
  • Reviewing past literature on an important, relevant topic
  • Framing an idea and formulating a hypothesis
  • Working with large databases
  • Applying sophisticated analytical methods
  • Writing a professional report
  • Presenting major conclusions to fellow students, faculty, and alumni

Find out about the amazing success rate that this program has shown in placing its graduates in many of the top financial firms in the nation.