Direct Admission for Accounting and Business

Integrate yourself early on into the School of Business through the Direct Admit program, a unique opportunity for high-achieving and highly motivated applicants to the University interested in majoring in Business Administration, Accounting or Digital Forensics. This page provides information for those interested in studying business or accounting. Click here for information on direct admission for digital forensics.


Applicants are identified as Direct Admits to the School of Business by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the time of admission. To be considered, you must choose Business Administration or Accounting as your intended major on Part I of your undergraduate application.
In addition, you need an approximate high school GPA of 90% or better and 1270 or better SAT score (when considering Critical Reading and Math portions only) or 27 or better on the ACT.  


There are several “perks” to being a Direct Admit.  Here are just a few:

  • Small Classes: We have created Direct Admit-specific sections of BLAW 220 (fall, freshmen year), BACC 211 (fall, sophomore year), and BACC 222 (spring, sophomore year).  Only your cohort can register for these courses making each of them a fraction of the size. 
  • Early Exposure to School of Business Advisors: Susan Maloney, Director of Undergraduate Student Services, and Jason Cotugno, Director of Student Engagement, formally take over advisement for you in the fall of your sophomore year—at least one semester earlier than everyone else planning to major in business or Accounting!
  • Direct Communication with the School of Business: Through the Direct Admit listserv, you are sent e-mails about programming, internships, and scholarship opportunities from the time you arrive on campus. 
  • Invitations to Programs and Events: You are often invited to programs and events catered to juniors and seniors.  This turns out to be a great way to network early on. 

Questions about direct admission to Accounting and Business Administration can be directed to Jason Cotugno in the School of Business.