Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

Freshmen may be provisionally admitted to the School of Business by filling out the Business Major Declaration Form with their adviser during the orientation process.

To remain in the School of Business, students are required to maintain a 3.25 overall average at Albany, and a 3.00 average in the seven core course categories required for retention at Albany. At least 5 of these classes must be completed after three semesters, and all of them must be completed after 4 semesters. Free tutoring services are offered for some of the more challenging classes.

Transfer Students can be admitted to the School of Business providing they have completed 32 degree-applicable credits. They also must have maintained at least a 3.25 overall average, and a 3.00 overall for their core classes, and have completed at least 4 of the 7 core courses prior to admission.

Students with Junior standing (56 degree-applicable credits) who have maintained the grade standards above are also invited to enroll in the School of Business by filling out an application available in the Business School Office of Student Services (BB 201).

Transfer Credit: The University at Albany accepts a wide range of credits transferred from other schools, as well as credits obtained through High School Advanced Placement classes. Information on specific accepted credits are available through Business School Advisers.

For more information refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin or email the School of Business at ugadmissions@uamail.albany.edu. 

For information about admission to the University at Albany as a Freshman or Transfer Student visit the Undergraduate Admissions web site.