Lawrence E. Brandt

Lawrence E. BrandtLawrence E. Brandt has dedicated most of his professional career to the U.S. federal government’s research mission, including 35 years at the National Science Foundation (NSF).  During his tenure at NSF, he helped create and run a number of innovative programs that have changed, and continue to change, our world.

As the program manager for NSF’s supercomputing centers, the research he supported created an academic computational research infrastructure that included supercomputers, data visualization, and the Internet, and led to the development of Mosaic, the first graphical browser for the World Wide Web.  Mr. Brandt created NSF’s Digital Government Research program, which focused on challenging research topics that arise in government.  He also created and managed the Federal Web Consortium, a collaboration of fifteen agencies that provides funding, training, and policy guidance.  These research collaborations led to applications in areas such as eRulemaking, crisis management, labor mediation, digital records preservation, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), environment, and public health.  Mr. Brandt was a founder of the eGovernment research community, and co-edited a textbook on eGovernment research. 

Over the course of his career, Mr. Brandt’s support for linking the academic research community with public sector practitioners has had a lasting impact on both research and the practice of government. Although retired from the federal government, Mr. Brandt continues to be active in developing and supporting research collaborations between academia and the public sector.

Mr. Brandt earned his bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from San Diego State University and his master’s degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School of Engineering.