Undergraduate Biology Minor

Biology: A minimum of 18 graduation credits, including A BIO 110 or 120; A BIO 111 or 121; A BIO 212Y. Additional credits are selected from biology courses that yield biology credit toward the biology major. Courses that do NOT yield credit towards the major in biology are noted in the course description.

Recommended Courses: The following courses are highly recommended for the minor in biology because the required courses listed above fulfill the prerequisites:

Course Description Prerequisite
BIO 217 Cell Biology BIO 212Y
BIO 303 Developmental Biology (3) BIO 212Y
BIO 308 Parasitic Diseases and Human Welfare (3) 10 Credits BIO or permission
BIO 317 Comparative Animal Physiology (3) BIO 121 or equivalent, and Jr Status
BIO 320 Ecology (3) BIO 121 or equivalent
BIO 327 Experimental Ecology (3) BIO 120 or 110, and BIO 121 or equivalent


If you have the appropriate prerequisites, other courses that yield biology credit are available.

If you have any questions concerning the minor, please contact Rolando Valentin.