A Message from the Advisement Coordinator, Rolando Valentin:

Welcome to the UAlbany Biological Sciences Advisement Webpage. This page is designed to offer the general guidelines to Biology Advisement.

On this page you will find frequently asked questions as well as videos on how to search for classes.

This page is a resource that we hope you find useful.






Q. Why go see the Advisement Coodinator?

You don’t need a reason to come see Rolando Valentin, but some common reasons are:

  1. You are his advisee (Click here on how to find your advisor)
  2. You have not been assigned an advisor
  3. You are having difficulties with contacting your advisor
  4. You need approval Of Transfer Credit
  5. You are seeking advisement For Double Majors
  6. You are seeking advisement for  Biology Minors
  7. You need clarification Of Degree Audit
  8. You are experiencing Degree Audit Issues
  9. Degree Clearances
  10. Degrees In Absentia
Q. How do I change my major?
  • Students can change their majors by going to the Advisement Services Center (LI36 below the Main University Library) during their hours of operation.
  • For a change into the Interdisciplinary Concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, they should consult with the Program Coordinator; afterwards they will need to complete a form at the Advisement Services Center.
Q. Who is my Advisor?
Q. How should I contact my Advisor and/or make an appointment?

Each faculty member has contact information on their web pages and in the department directory. In addition, the Department posts office hours at the Department Office provided by the individual faculty.

Faculty differ in how they prefer to be contacted by Advisees.

Here are some general hints:

  • You should use their UAlbany email.
  • The email should include your Name as it appears on MyUAlbany.
  • They should make the subject heading meaningful. Specify "Advising"
  • Most advisors prefer to be contacted for an appointment by email.
Q. What courses should I take?
A. This can be tricky as each student is different, but as mentioned before the course need can be found on your degree audit. It is important that you stick as closely to the sequence as possible.
Q. I can’t get a hold of my advisor -- how do I get my AVN?
A. While it’s important to meet with your advisor to discuss your classes, you can waive advisement by filling out the electronic form. The form will be sent to the advisement coordinator and you will receive your AVN number in 1 - 2 days.
Q. How do I search for classes?

Searching for classes can be daunting, but fortunately the University offers a great search engine site that is explained in the videos below: