Suggested BCAMB Sequence

Student progress toward the degree can often be hindered by inability to register for necessary courses either because of a lack of prerequisites or because the courses are not being taught in a particular semester. Following the sequence below is a suggested sequence from Advisement Services.

First Year - Fall
ABio 120 NS
AChm 120/or TChm 130 NS
AChm 124
AMat 112 or 118 MS
Humanities Gen Ed HU

First Year - Spring
ABio 121
AChm 121/or TChm 131
AChm 125
AMat 113 or 119
Social Science Gen Ed SS
UUnl 205/206 IL

Second Year – Fall

ABio 212 OD
ABio 201
AChm 220
AChm 222
APhy 140/or TPhy 141
Foreign Language 1

* Consider taking APhy 145 if pursuing pre-health
Second Year – Spring

ABio 202Z
AChm 221
AChm 223
APhy 150/or TPhy 151
US Historical Perspectives Gen Ed US
Social Sciences Gen Ed SS
Foreign Language 2 Gen Ed FL

* Consider taking APhy 155 if pursuing pre-health

** Submit application to major
Third Year – Fall

ABio 365
ABio 399/elective
Europe Gen Ed EU

Global Cross-Cultural Gen Ed GC
Third Year – Spring

ABio 366
ABio Lab Course/ABio 399Z UL WI
Regions Beyond Europe Gen Ed BE
Art Gen Ed AR

US Diversity & Pluralism Gen Ed DP
Fourth Year – Fall

AChm 444 or 350
ABio 425
ABio 426
Elective (consider ABio 499)

Fourth Year – Spring

AChm 445 or 351
Elective (consider ABio 499)