Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences

The B.A., which specifies the major only and requires a separate minor sequence outside science and mathematics, is designed with the aims of the liberal or fine arts students in mind and as such is not intended for the professional biologist or teacher.

Note: Beginning in Fall, 2009, General Biology I and II were restructured. ABIO 110 and 111(Z) were longer offered. The Fall lecture/lab course ABIO 110 [4 cr] was replaced with the lecture ABIO 120 [3 cr] and the lab ABIO 122 [1 cr]; the Spring lecture/lab course A Bio 111(Z) was replaced with the lecture ABIO 121 [3 cr] and the lab ABIO 123Z [1 cr]. The lecture could be taken without the lab; the lab could only be taken at the same time as or after the corresponding semester's lecture. The major requirement for General Biology could be met either with ABIO 110 and 111(Z), or with ABIO 120, 121, 122, and 123(Z). Beginning in Fall, 2013, the General Biology Labs were further restructured. ABio 122 and ABio 123Z were discontinued and replaced with ABio 201 and ABio 202Z. Thus, the General Biology labs are now generally taken the year after the lectures.

[from 2012-13 Undergraduate Catalogue]

General Program B. A.: Major sequence consisting of a minimum of 36 credits.
Required courses:
A BIO 120 & 121, 201 & 202Z, 212Y
A CHM 120 or 130, 121 or 131, 124, 125
16 additional credits of biology major electives including two courses which are partially or exclusively laboratory courses:

  • A BIO 399/399Z and 499/499Z may contribute up to a total of 4 credits of non-laboratory major elective credit.
  • Courses that do not yield credit toward the major are so indicated in the individual bulletin descriptions.
  • Major electives must be selected so that a total of 12 credits at the 300 level or above are included in the major. 

The minor sequence will consist of a minimum of 18 credits. The student may not have a minor in: atmospheric science, biology, chemistry, computer science, electronics, geology, mathematics, physics, or statistics.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology Requirements:

 A BIO 120 & 121, A BIO 201 & 202Z     8 credits
 A BIO 212Y    4 credits
 Chemistry  8 credits
 Subtotal  20 credits
 Additional credits in biology  16 credits
 Total  36 credits
 Plus nonscience/math minor  18-24 credits