The Biological Sciences Office

The Departmental Office for Biological Sciences at the University is in Room 126 on the ground floor of the Biology Building. The office is open 8:30a - 5p weekdays. Our dedicated and professional staff is committed to supporting the Department's students, staff, and faculty and will help you obtain information and direct you to the resources you need.

Department Chair
    Phone   Email
Richard Cunningham   (518)-442-4305
Administrative Staff
Name   Title   Phone   Email
Joanne Baronner   Secretary I   (518) 442-4337
David Graper   Programmer/Analyst   (518) 442-4317
(Vacant)   Administrative Manager        
Rolando Valentin   Undergraduate Advising   (518) 442-3301
Department Committee Chairs
    Committee       Chair
    Graduate Programs       Mindy Larsen
    Graduate Admissions       Marlene Belfort
    Undergraduate Programs       Greg Lnenicka